Slick Woods Took Us on a Late-Night Panty Raid in Head-to-Toe Fenty x Puma

Slick Woods Took Us on a Late-Night Panty Raid in Head-to-Toe Fenty x Puma

Rihanna’s favorite model loves to pregame with Hennessy and her stripper pole.

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Within 60 seconds of entering Slick Woods’ hotel room, the model and her crew realize that they forgot the appropriate underwear for her (very cropped) Fenty x Puma shirtdress. “We’re going on a panty mission,” she cries, throwing on her platform boots. “You guys down?” Before I know it, we’re strutting down Seventh Avenue like it’s one of Woods’ many recent runway appearances, headed for the glowing Duane Reade sign about two blocks south. With her signature buzzed head, gap-toothed grin, and bright orange eyebrows, there’s no doubt that the pedestrians around our party are wondering, who exactly is this vivacious woman posing for photos next to control-top panty hose?

Twenty minutes later, emergency Hanes in hand, we’re back in the hotel room preparing for the Moxy Times Square grand opening event just a few floors up. “Im obsessed with detail,” she explains as she zips up her *epic* Fenty x Puma boots. “I cannot leave the house unless I’m happy with every aspect of my outfit down to the socks. I can’t wear the same earrings. If I feel like I could do more when I’m at the house, I’m like, ‘Oh God. I can just come a little harder next time.’”

Obviously, being a muse to Rihanna herself means that Woods knows exactly how to rock the cult-favorite label and looks fierce as hell in the process. As she says, “If I’m not feeling that extra layer of confidence on top of mine, that sauce on my confidence, I need to turn around and get back to work because that’s my whole sha-bang. You ever seen like, a swimmer swim or a fish in water? It’s like watching me in my element when I’m getting dressed.” We can definitely attest to that. Check out how Woods prefers to set the mood before a big night out, the makeup products she thinks are witchcraft, and why you’ll never catch her drinking tequila anymore.

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“I mix my foundation with Dr. Hauschka, but before I do that, I put on the primer, and then I put on the oils and mix it with the foundation and blend it. After that, I use the pink Ginger Binge highlight—the Killawatt. I use it on my cheeks as a blush, and then on my brow bone—like a base of my highlight—and then at the very bones of my cheeks, I put [on] the Trophy Wife. I like a little bit of the Trophy Wife on my eye. And then I put Yacht Lyfe—the little matchstick —in between my eyes. Then I use Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara.”
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