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11 Silver Lake Restaurants for Foodies, Tastemakers, and Posers Alike

As a bonafide LA snob, I guarantee these restaurants won't waste your time or paycheck.

11 Silver Lake Restaurants for Foodies, Tastemakers, and Posers Alike

Cloyingly described as the “Brooklyn of Los Angeles,” Silver Lake ticks all the boxes to deserve that particular nickname; it’s gentrified, “hipster-y,” and full of off-duty models and celebrities getting pap’d holding $7 cups of coffee. That being said—clichés and all—this neighborhood is popular for a reason. Silver Lake is an uncharacteristically walkable neighborhood nestled in hilly terrain with architectural gems by Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright, R.M. Schindler, and more. Made up of snug, winding streets surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir, Silver Lake provides a cozy neighborhood feel that is desperately hard to find in the City of Angels.

In addition to its visual charms, this “cool kid hotspot” is host to some of LA’s finest restaurants. From traditional cuisine to experimental fusion spots, this has become a popular destination for foodies, tastemakers, and posers alike. As a resident of the East Side of Los Angeles for nearly six years, here are my top 11 recommendations for dinner in Silver Lake:

Night + Market Song

One of two LA locations, the popular Northern Thai street food restaurant Night + Market Song is a bustling, kitschy, lively joint with everything from traditional larb to an award-winning fried chicken sandwich. Like all restaurants in Silver Lake, there is a lengthy menu of natural wines to pair with your meal. The music and decor are loud, and the wait for a table can be long, but Night + Market Song is always a good time.

L&E Oyster Bar

With a restaurant downstairs and a lounge-y bar upstairs, L&E is a neighborhood go-to for Silver Lake locals. You can expect to find the usual suspects on an “oyster bar” menu: seafood towers, lobster rolls, fish & chips, mussels, and seafood pasta. If you’re stopping for a cocktail upstairs and feeling peckish, I highly recommend the shrimp cocktail or smoked fish dip.

Pine & Crane

As a fast-casual Taiwanese restaurant in the heart of Silverlake on Sunset, Pine & Crane has a menu of Taiwanese staples like Three Cup Jidori Chicken, Beef Noodle Soup, and Silky Mapo Tofu. Pair your dinner with a selection of sake, loose-leaf tea, draft beer, or, like everywhere else in LA, a $15 glass of wine. I also highly recommend their sister restaurant, Joy on York, in Highland Park. Hot tip: Be prepared to wait in line for a while during peak hours.

Silverlake Ramen

This is the default neighborhood spot for take-out or dine-in ramen. For the amount of hype this place has (or had five years ago), it is a deeply unpretentious dining experience. The silky tonkatsu broth, juicy pork, and marinated egg in their classic ramen bowl has become my go-to comfort food. In addition to their signature dishes, there are rice bowls, vegetarian options, and a host of appetizers that will satisfy the whole group.


For some strange reason, I don’t see Alimento on enough LA Restaurant guides, and it’s time the popular kids of Silverlake gave it some love. With a minimalist interior, classic Italian dishes, and an extensive wine list, Alimento has been part of my restaurant rotation for six years. Every pasta on the menu is a winner, but I highly recommend the Saffron Agnolotti or Braised Pork Radiatori. The Chicken Liver Crostone is, in my humble opinion, close to godliness.

Pijja Palace

As a self-described “Indian sports bar” housed in a strip mall next to a Comfort Inn, Pijja Palace is one of the least expected but unequivocally great culinary hits in LA since it opened in May 2022. Owner Avish Naran had a singular vision to create an elevated sports bar with a menu of Indian fusion dishes: think Tandoori Spaghetti, Malai Rigatoni, and Green Chutney Pizza—I’m not using the term “fusion” lightly. This place was so popular it took months to secure a reservation, but it was entirely worth the wait.

Playitas Mauriscos

On the side of Sunset Boulevard, Playitas Mariscos offers a fresh selection of ceviches, campechanas, tostadas, and tacos. With unpretentious outdoor seating and a quick turnaround at the order window, Playitas is a neighborhood favorite for a quick meal of authentic Mexican seafood.


Formerly known as Freedman’s, their Greek pop-up earned a permanent spot in Silver Lake, leading to a new name under the same culinary leadership. Low-key yet festive, the small plates are flavorful and sophisticated, paired alongside a menu of Greek natural wine. The ambiance is charming, the bathroom wallpaper very Instagrammable, and the staff incredibly friendly—that is, unless you try to steal one of those fish-shaped water carafes—for the love of God, leave the carafes alone.

Spoon & Pork

Just one door down from Playitas Mariscos, you’ll find the modern Filipino restaurant Spoon & Pork. For years, I drove past the pun name and pink neon pig sign and figured it was some hokey BBQ rib joint, but I was sorely mistaken—as of 2023, Spoon + Pork has made it into the Michelin Guide three years in a row. This restaurant has incredible Filipino comfort food paired with a menu of natural wine and beer. The lechon kawali is a fan favorite and my default takeout order.

El Cochinito

El Cochinito is a family-owned Cuban restaurant with authentic, homestyle Cuban food. It is cozy and casual with incredibly friendly service. Their most popular dishes are the lechon asado, emanizado, and avocado salad. Alongside their list of very Silver Lake-y beers and natural wine, you can also get Cuban soda, tropical milkshakes, and coffee. Treat yourself to the flan!


Starting as a family-run pop-up serving Chinese comfort food, Woon opened their first brick-and-mortar in Silver Lake, with another location opening in Pasadena this year. Influenced by Shanghainese and Cantonese recipes—and, most importantly, their mother’s cooking—the menu is short and simple, with an emphasis on incredible texture and flavor. I highly recommend the chewy beef noodles and the pork bao bun.

Honorable Mentions

The Black Cat

The Black Cat is an upscale bar and restaurant offering beer, wine, and classic American gastropub fare. While I wouldn’t place it as a food destination, it has an important place in Los Angeles’ heart as an LGBTQIA+ historic site. In 1967, it was the site of one of the first US demonstrations protesting police brutality against LGBT people, preceding the Stonewall Riots by over two years. If you aren’t going for dinner, make sure to take in the warm ambiance and rich history over a Negroni in a booth or an Aperol Spritz on the patio.

Ruby Fruit

Ruby Fruit opened at the beginning of 2023 as the first full-time lesbian establishment in LA since the last one was shuttered in 2017. I reviewed the bar when it opened in February when it was marketed as a sapphic wine bar. In the last few months, as popularity grew, they’ve expanded their menu to pop-ups, lunch service, and menus by guest chefs. While it’s not technically a “restaurant,” I consider Ruby Fruit to be not only an incredible bar for the sapphically inclined but an emerging food destination in LA.


Botanica was a shiny new destination when I moved to LA in 2017. With day- and night-time service, this veggie-forward menu boasts a farmers-market-centric menu and a Rolodex of natural wines. The health-conscious marketplace at the front of the restaurant (selling tinned fish, wine, gluten-free alternatives, and canned goods) made it a shoo-in for the wellness-obsessed, disposable-income-having Silver Lake dwellers. I’ve enjoyed my meals at Botanica, but the price tag always exceeded my satisfaction with the meal—although I know plenty of people who swear by their menu. I am keeping it here as an honorable mention because the market is a lovely place to stop by to grab a bottle of wine or top-shelf ingredients for an intimate dinner party.

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