27 Boots For Wide Calves That You'll Actually Want To Wear

27 Boots For Wide Calves That You'll Actually Want To Wear

It *is* possible to find boots to fit wide calves!

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For many of us, much of the year is spent dreaming of summer days. We imagine layers being shed, bikinis being bought, and pineapple-laced cocktails being poured. Reality unfortunately tends to be far more sweat-soaked, humidity-infested, and makeup-melting than all of that. Autumn, however, is another story entirely. There’s nothing quite like the first hint of pumpkin spice in your baked goods, the feel of a blanket scarf effortlessly draping your still-lightly-tanned neck, or the security that comes from slipping on some protective footwear. Getting your paws on boots for wide calves this season will ensure that you carry yourself with all the charm, comfort, and ease of what is actually the greatest season of the year.

Shopping wide-fit shoes has long been the stuff of nightmares: An ignored corner of the fashion industry limited to punk, Hot Topic-esque buckle boots or the kind of faux suede platforms that disintegrate when they touch water. Things are changing, though. Whether you fancy a deep burgundy pair of thigh-highs or a hyper-trendy, embroidery-clad set, 2017’s options are ready and willing to serve you.

The time has come to treat your feet to all the glory that fall has to offer, wide-calf boots included. After all, it’s those same feet that carry you through this tumultuous world day in and day out.

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Asymmetrical Autumn

The asymmetrical cut of these boots give the classic look a little bit of edge. Wear these fancy gems with just about any ensemble and you’ll scream high fashion.

With these wide-calf options at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to dress up your feet this season. Now all you need is the aforementioned pumpkin spice baked goods and you’ll be a sight for sore eyes.


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