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8 Sensual Fragrances That Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Romance in a perfume bottle? There’s only one way to find out.

No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, it never hurts to leave a lasting impression on whomever you’re with for the evening. For us, that means wearing a memorable fragrance that lingers long after an embrace. Bold, intoxicating, mysterious, and romantic, these are the eight scents we swear by for enticing anyone you get close to this February 14th.

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Balenciaga Paris, $87

Is there a more romantic city than Paris? We certainly don’t think so, which is why this Balenciaga fragrance is our go-to for pretending we’re taking a long, leisuriely stroll on the Seine with the person we love the most. It’s meant to mimic the scent of dried flowers left in a book, for a timeless and mysterious effect.
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