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We Tried the New Artificial Intelligence-Backed Skin Essence from Revela

In collaboration with Revela.

We Tried the New Artificial Intelligence-Backed Skin Essence from Revela
Sarah Lou Kiernan

Three weeks ago, our Beauty Director mentioned that my skin was glowing. I almost credited the lighting in our offices or thought I was hallucinating, until I realized I was in the middle of my Revela Fibroquin Essence trial. That was the moment my skincare routine of the moment went from a test to a permanent switch.

As soon as I hit my thirties, I started obsessing over my emerging crows feet and nasolabial lines. They might be a rite of passage, but they also feel like unwelcome accessories that weigh down my face. And while I’ve relied on protein and pilates to support my body through aging—I’ve only recently realized that those lines on my face can be tempered with the same dedication to toning, lifting, and collagen support. Enter: Revela’s Fibroquin Essence. Using a proprietary advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Revela tested 5 million molecules for safety and efficacy to craft a game-changing collagen-supporting essence I couldn’t wait to try.

This product single-handedly proves that science and skincare are inextricably linked—and I was one of the very first to test it. Weeks later, I feel like my skin is literally in shape and glowing. So, I’m diving into how this super-ingredient, created by many of the groundbreaking technologies developed for drug discovery and cancer therapy, started sculpting my skin.

What is the Revela Fibroquin Essence?

Revela’s NEW Fibroquin Essence is a weightless, milky essence featuring Fibroquin™, the modern molecule discovered via Revela's Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that rejuvenates aging skin as it is specifically created to support your skin’s pro-collagen biopathway. Through continuous testing, Fibroquin™ emerged as the leading master molecule—one in five million, in fact—that proved to tackle loss of volume, tightness, and elasticity in skin without the unwanted side effects typically seen in anti-aging products.

Revela’s Fibroquin Essence is currently available to consumers as the very first pro-collagen molecule that lifts and tones skin in just 8-weeks. It’s a gentle but powerful formula in a nourishing serum that is safe enough to use on sensitive skin 2x daily. Unlike other strong anti-aging treatments like retinol & AHA’s that can cause unwanted side effects, Fibroquin™ doesn’t cause dry skin or redness. Fibroquin gets right to work - no purging period or round off clogged pores necessary.

Another bonus? The highly absorbent texture and lack of negative product interaction make this essence a seamless way to elevate any at-home routine. The product is primed to absorb quickly with a clean finish into the skin and won’t challenge the effectiveness of other products. If you’re already a fan of retinol, you can add Fibroquin™ in as an additional step. Or, if you’re like me, you can break up with harsher ingredients altogether.

Results from Revela’s Fibroquin Essence

For the past 8 weeks, I’ve been integrating the Revela Fibroquin Essence into my nighttime routine, patting a dime-sized amount with my fingertips over my skin immediately after a glycolic acid toner. Revela’s Fibroquin glides on like a serum but offers the same moisture I’ve relied on night oils for in the past. While it isn’t necessarily dense, I’d argue that it adds a light glow without clogging my pores, too. While I would typically layer on oils and night creams, there are a few times I’ve used this essence alongside my eye cream as a standalone, uncomplicated solution for my skin.

93% of Revela’s clinical study participants saw a significant improvement in skin elasticity by week-8—and I started to see pumper and more youthful skin as early as week-5. Today, I’m sitting here with noticeably lighter crow’s feet and dewy skin.

What I love about Revela’s Fibroquin Essence

Now Revela’s Fibroquin Essence is just as much a part of my routine now as my morning workouts. To keep my skin looking plump and hydrated, I’m relying on this super absorbent, gentle product to support collagen and tone. Since the super-ingredient, Fibroquin™, also proved to be side-effect free, I’m confident that I can keep this product around regardless of what other masks, creams, or toners I test in the years to come.

The next time anyone notices that I’m glowing, I also won’t credit the lighting. I’ll say “Thanks! Have you heard about Revela?”

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