Meet The E-Commerce Site Set to Shake Up The Fine Art World
Photo: Courtesy of Platform

Meet The E-Commerce Site Set to Shake Up The Fine Art World

A platform for the next generation of art buyers. In collaboration with Platform.

The ritual of buying and collecting fine art has traditionally been shrouded in exclusivity– intentionally inaccessible to newcomers who are encouraged to build connections and relationships before access to work from well-known and respected artists becomes a possibility. In a market where the way that we shop for just about everything else has changed, the antiquated practices of the fine art world have stayed the same. Now, what if a world renowned gallery partnered with a team of e-commerce experts to modernize the process, eliminating all barriers to purchase, transparently posting prices, and allowing buyers to shop for art on a first-come-first-serve basis through a monthly drop method?

Platform, backed by David Zwirner Gallery, is democratizing the industry, making room for a new generation of art buyers and allowing any and all to purchase, with paintings, drawings, and prints at price points ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. The first-come-first-serve element of Platform’s monthly drop model is unique in the industry, leveling the playing field while maintaining the high caliber of artists traditionally associated with exclusive galleries. Working selectively with a collection of strong gallery partners who represent today’s top artists, Platform releases 100 “tightly-edited, high caliber works each month,” – each only available for a limited time, upholding the uniqueness of the works in a way that speaks to today’s drop-heavy consumer appetite. Artists whose works are available on Platform will often otherwise have exclusive waitlists for purchase, a barrier that is eliminated for consumers who purchase through Platform.

As a part of its April collection, Platform has made available works from a collection of 25 artists including Michael Ajerman, William Downs, Marcel Dzama, Minami Kobayashi, Emmanuel Massillon, Melvin Nesbitt, Jr., Lynthia Edwards, Ebecho Muslimova, Pacifico Silano, Ricardo Partida, Sarah Zapata, and Destiny Belgrave, among many others. See a few of our picks from this month’s release below, and click here to view the full April collection from Platform.

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