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A Closet Where CHANEL & Cowboy Boots Reign Supreme

Natalie Bloomingdale’s collection pays homage to the beauty of fashion.

Morgan Pansing

Natalie Bloomingdale subscribes to the school of thought that emphasizes quality over quantity. The Los Angeles–based fashion lover has curated a collection that reflects a honed eye. “I really stick to what resonates with me,” says Bloomingdale, “which tends to be ladylike silhouettes, quality construction, and beautiful fabrics.” The pieces in her closet possess the stiffness that only comes from superior craftsmanship. But don’t let her collection of Easter egg–hued dresses fool you. Dig a little further, and you’ll discover collections of turquoise jewelry and cowboy boots that reflect her Texas roots.

That same couture-like ethos applies to Bloomingdale’s The SIL, an online platform where Bloomingdale offers the rest of us access to her favorite, often hard-to-find designers, that’s fittingly titled as an acronym for “Stuff I Like.” The designers in residence include Emilia Wickstead, Dallas-based Tish Cox, Hayden Lasher, and Rianna + Nina, with whom Bloomingdale has formed mutually beneficial relationships. “[It] began as an incubator, really,” explains Bloomingdale, “a passion project for me and a way to showcase pieces from niche designers I loved while gathering invaluable live feedback for them to help inform and shape their brand direction.” The resulting assortment mimics that of her own closet, a notion she sticks to resolutely. “The SIL does not try to be everything for everyone—and we’re not,” she says. That deep knowledge of her own tastes serves as the connective tissue for her personal wardrobe and home, which, lucky for us, Bloomingdale was kind enough to walk us through. Continue to discover more about her approach to The SIL, her favorite designers, and her uniform collection of loafers and CHANEL handbags.

Natalie Bloomingdale’s collection pays homage to the beauty of fashion.

Morgan Pansing

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