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Exclusive: Styling Inspiration From The Women of Kith SoHo

We bet you’ll want them to be your new best friends.

Alec Kugler

It’s clear by now that menswear isnt going anywhere anytime soon (why should it, really?), and it seems that brands are finally catching on to that. They’re also realizing that if they put as much time into creating high-quality, covet-worthy women’s pieces as they do with their mens, they can truly rule the world. The future is female, after all. One such brand to take on this mind-set is Kith (are you that surprised?). While founder Ronnie Fieg has offered Kith’s womenswear since 2015, in the past year the brand has catapulted forward with it, and we are not mad at that.

Their new SoHo flagship boutique has one floor (the third) now entirely dedicated to womenswear, selling Kith women alongside luxe brands like Helmut Lang, Stone Island, and Alix, with a healthy mix of your usual sports brands. Describing the Kith woman as “unique, tasteful, and worldly,” Fieg’s goal was “to create a space that is an extension of where our women’s business is headed,” he told us. “We’ve expanded our multi-brand apparel and accessories offerings, so it was important that we are able [to] properly exhibit this top-tier product in a way that is authentic to Kith’s DNA.” Not only does the floor also offer the latest and greatest in magazines and accessories, but they also sell vintage designer handbags—everything from Chanel to Gucci to Louis Vuitton. Talk about sport-chic.



It’s clear that Kith is headed in the right direction as Esther Joo, head of Kith’s women’s design, makes mention of a few well-known names sporting the gear: “I love seeing how Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie, and Karrueche Tran outfit our products in their everyday lives,” she tells us. “They’re all beautiful women, and everything looks so good on them! To be honest, though, it’s surreal whenever we see girls excited to wear Kith Women’s, whether it’s in real life or on IG.” And while Joo lets us know how important the womenswear line is to them, it’s those women at Kith who are at the forefront, bringing things together. “We want our products to speak to our female consumer,” she says. “There’s something empowering about being a woman in our male-dominated streetwear culture. All the women at Kith want our products to make the Kith girl feel confident.” Behind every great brand is a strong team, and the one Fieg and Joo have assembled is just that. “Finding the right people is something we pride ourselves on,” Fieg says. “No matter how different each of our employees are, they all fit the mentality of being an ambassador for our brand.” After being introduced to the ladies running Kith’s women’s floor, we couldn’t agree more. Click through below to meet them.

What is the one sneaker that “got away”?
“The Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1!”
Where can we find you on your day off?
“Either my bed all day being lazy, watching movies, or out shopping. There’s literally no in-between.”
What is the best piece of advice Ronnie has ever given you?
“Ronnie’s advice is always to stay true to ourselves and our own style, which is a message I think is important for everybody to hold on to.”
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