What the Brady Bunch Home Would Look Like in 2017

What the Brady Bunch Home Would Look Like in 2017

This L.A. home is the perfect embodiment of vintage California style.

Kate Hollowell

When somebody mentions to us that their home resembles the Brady Bunch house (with a modern twist), we automatically envision a whole lot of wood, some exposed brick, and a majorly retro vibe. The somebody in this case is Claire Thomas, the founder of Kitchy Kitchen and co-founder of Sweet Laurel Bakery, and when we rolled up to her Sherman Oaks home one Wednesday afternoon, we realized she was spot-on with her description. Her home (which she completely redid with her husband) is a modern-day version of the Brady Bunch home without all the shag carpet because, uh, 2017.

Of course Thomas’ kitchen caught our eye right off the bat (it’s where she does all of her production)—it was so insanely bright and beautiful that we wanted to start cooking right then and there. But what really makes Thomas’ home special is all its quirky accents—from a reupholstered poker table to a fireplace with built-in planters (no, really), to a cobalt blue and hot pink bathroom, it felt like we were on a new adventure with every corner we turned. See it all for yourselves by clicking through the gallery below.

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“We have two bars. The bar in the living room is the bar for friends, so it has any wine that we’ve gotten as gifts, it has all of our liquor and cocktail stuff. I tend to keep things really simple—I am a whiskey-or-tequila-with-an-ice-cube girl. There is a cocktail I had in Toronto, at Branca, [and it] has two ingredients: Campari and ice wine. As I am currently pregnant, I am not drinking, but before I always [had] those ready to go. The second bar, which is in the office, is where we keep all of the really fancy liquor and all of [Craig’s] fancy whiskeys. We’ve had things happen in the past where one of us, usually me, at a party will be like, ‘Oh my god, you’ve never had scotch, you have to try this Balvenie!’ Then all of a sudden the bottle gets drunk completely and Craig gets kind of sad about it. So having the bar in the office offers protections from his over-generous wife.”
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