how editor spends 500 dollar at space nk

How an Editor Spends $500 at Space NK

Restock your beauty essentials.

As all beauty lovers know, sometimes you have to make a dent in your credit card to snag the best luxury skin, hair, and makeup items for the season. I’m as guilty as the next person, but I also take comfort in the fact that my beauty routine is my own personal form of self-care. Can I shop like this every month? Definitely not. But when the seasons change, or I look around and realize all my favorite products are almost empty, I treat myself to a much-deserved shopping spree on Space NK. Check out everything I’m scooping up this month below.

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Angela Caglia Detox Serum, $80

If you battle clogged pores or the occasional hormonal acne flare-up, like me, this serum is about to be your new best friend. The added antioxidants act as a shield against environmental stressors and leave my skin super soft and glowy no matter how stressed out I am that day.
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