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This Highlighter Stick is a Shimmery Crayon for Your Eyes

It now has a permanent place in my makeup bag.

We Tried It
Collage of Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadow Sticks

As the saying goes, eyes are the windows to the soul. I’d like to make an addendum—so is their makeup bag. Okay, maybe you can’t tell everything about a person based on their makeup products, but I’m sure you’d pick up some things about their personality. For example, you’d find a lot of multitasking products in mine (a.k.a. I’m always in a rush, or lazy—your pick) and a ton of glitter eyeshadows (I love to make a subtle statement). Basically, when it comes to makeup, I have never been the person to master a full face beat. I want my finished look to feel like a well-rested, lightly sun-kissed, and glowy version of myself. That being said, I am also loyal to brands that share the same beauty ethos as me. Hourglass has always had formulas that complimented my skin type and routine. So you can guess that when the brand launched their new creamy shadow sticks, it immediately peaked my interest.

Unlike your typical launch, the new Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadows are part of a unique collaboration with London-based artist Rana Begum and Desert X. If you are not familiar, Desert X is a contemporary art exhibition that happens every two years to showcase artists from around the world. Various exhibitions are placed at specific sites throughout the Palm Springs desert where people can go and interact with the pieces for free.

Begum’s 2023 exhibition centered around different perceptions of light, color, and natural elements which is similar to the inspiration behind the Voyeur eye collection. “I’ve always been inspired by art, design, and architecture,” says Hourglass brand founder Carisa Janes. “We frequently reference the art world, so it was an exciting opportunity to help support diverse artists who are telling inspiring and meaningful stories with their art. This partnership supports our shared mission of bringing attention to important social causes through beautiful and creative design.”

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to experience both Begum’s exhibition in person and the new Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadows. Read my thoughts on the new shadow, below.

The Product 

Think of the Hourglass sticks as shimmery crayons for your face. The eyeshadow comes in seven metallic shades that were all inspired by natural light sources complete with greens, pinks, and golds. “It’s the perfect balance of rich pigments and creamy texture for high-impact color that wears comfortably,” says Vanessa Eckels, Hourglass Global Artistry Trainer. She notes that the product is extremely intuitive to use, and I can vouch for that.. You simply twist the bottom of the tube to reveal more product and swipe anywhere you want a pop of color. It’s supposed to last for eight hours without creasing or fading.

Photo: Courtesy of Adi Giesey

The entire collection was made to mix and match which means experimenting is encouraged. “Play with all the shades in different areas,” says Eckels. “Use the lighter shades in the corner of the eyes and the brow bone to brighten and highlight, or create a smokey eye by applying the richer shades across the lid and under the lash line.” I am quick to play favorites when it comes to colorful makeup, but found it super easy to follow Eckels advice. You have options to buy the entire collection, one singular shade, or a duo set exclusive to the Desert X collaboration which contains shades solstice and phoenix.

My Review 

Whether you are someone who wants to create a dynamic bold eye or just add a simple wash of color to your lids, these products will get the job done. The pigment is super buildable so don’t be shy when adding few layers for a stronger hue or similarly buff it out for something more sheer.

Photos: Courtesy of Adi Giesey

The shape of the stick is extremely complimentary to the natural curves of your eyelid which allows for precise and easy application. While you can use a brush to buff out the pigment post application, I just used the warmth of my finger tip to dab it out in the areas I wanted. My go-to combo was using the shade prism in the middle of my lid and blending outwards then topping off with a pop of moon in the inner corners of my eye. This got me through breakfast meetings and Zoom calls. Before going out at night, I dabbed a little extra free glitter pigment on top for some extra oomph.

When it comes to testing a new product, my criteria revolves around how easy it is to use, the skill level required for application, and the wear claim. These shadow sticks hit every mark. The Hourglass sticks have earned a permanent spot in my makeup bag and become a trusty go-to–especially on date nights.

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We Tried It

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