Gray Malin’s Los Angeles Home Feels Like a Vacation

And actually looks like one of his iconic photos.

gray malin

Gray Malin has made a name for himself capturing the mood of various exotic locations across the globe in photographs so that anyone can taste the essence of travel within their homes. A simple glance at his wanderlust-inducing imagery transports the viewer across continents, seas, time periods, and more. The same can be said for Malin's home. So when we were offered a glimpse of the interiors, we naturally jumped at the chance.

The photographer did what you would hope—he let his art inform his palette. Think cool blues, sandy naturals, warm pinks—the Italian Riviera reduced to a few complementary shades. Capturing a sentiment many of us tried to personify amidst the pandemic, Malin curated a space that feels like a vacation. A haven for blue and white, the style is what he describes as "the perfect marriage" of a Southern and coastal design sense.

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