Is Functional Fragrance the Next Wellness Frontier?

This new wave of perfumes comes with added benefits.

Is Functional Fragrance the Next Wellness Frontier?

While the fragrance market is flooded with perfumes that look great on the vanity, a new category of purpose-driven scents–aptly referred to as ‘functional fragrance’–do more than just make you smell good. Because there’s a direct line between scent and parts of the brain that trigger memories, certain smells can alter your emotional state after a couple of spritzes. Functional fragrance offers up the unique benefit of shifting moods while promoting well-being.

“Functional fragrance relies on essential oils to act on the amygdala, the brain’s emotional center,” explains Jenna Levine, founder of Linne Botanicals. “The presence of these oils signal the release of neurochemicals that trigger a response that can be anything from stimulating to relaxing, depending on the essential oils used.”

“The goal of functional fragrance is to support a healthy and balanced body and mind,” adds Levine. Below are a handful of our favorite functional fragrances that are as display-worthy as their mainstream counterparts.

Mind Energy Fragrance

Using a patented technology to stimulate neuropathways, this fragrance “supplement” comes in handy when you're in need of some mental clarity. Keep it on your desk and use it as needed.

The Nue Co.

Rise and Rest Roll On Fragrance Oil

These roll-ons are designed to bookend your day, and are meant to be applied on areas with the largest pores for greatest absorption–think wrists, inner elbows and behind the ears. A quick dab in the AM will give you a pep in your step while a gentle roll in the PM will promote tranquility for deep rest.


I Am Verdant Eau de Parfum

This newly launched fragrance brand is rooted in the idea that scents have the power to transform the human spirit. In the brightly scented I Am Verdant, notes of mossy citrus, Italian bergamot, and iris absolute create an energy of vitality. A small dose of renewal is just what we need as we shift from winter to spring.


Signature Fragrance

Inara’s citrus woodsy signature fragrance is inspired by the wild beauty of Tulum and helps to set a calm mood upon whiff. Pair the scent with the brand’s ten-minute pre-recorded soundscape for an escape without leaving your home.


Aromatic Treatment

Apply this relaxing rollerball to your palms and pulse points before taking a deep inhale and turning in for the night.

Tata Harper
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