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At Home With Footwear Designer Emme Parsons

A Spanish-style Palm Beach residence that repeatedly clashes her signature colors: black and brown.

Emme Parsons Seated at a Desk
Dimanche Creative

“I think bedrooms should be for sleeping,” shoe designer Emme Parsons says from her Palm Beach home. “Really clean, simple sleeping spaces with very minimal distractions.” She gestures to her sparsely decorated room, blanched of color. The bed, awash in white linen, lies in the center flanked by tables sculpturally draped with corresponding cream-colored fabric. The walls are a soft white, the floors a rich chocolatey wood. “We don't have a TV. It's literally just the bed and two side tables,” she says. “And a bathtub,” which sits beneath a white Noguchi lantern directly in front of the bed.

Despite initial apprehension, Parsons has come to live with this unconventional set-up, a quirk present when she and her family moved from Los Angeles in 2020 to the Spanish-style home in Florida. “I think one of the most interesting things about design is that you have to come up with creative solutions for spaces.” Parsons was admittedly lucky; the previous owner was a kindred spirit, at least aesthetically. The space was originally built in 1925 and their predecessors remodeled the entire interior exactly to Parsons' taste. “It was serendipitous,” she says.

From there, it was about filling in the nearly perfect architectural shell with design and personal elements of her liking. In the living room rests a majestic ebony Steinway piano, passed down from her mother-in-law (her son now takes lessons). Nearby is B&B Italia’s Diesis sofa (her husband’s choice) rendered in an inoffensive brown leather. Those contrasting black and brown components set the tone for the living room. The rest is blanketed in creamy white and natural woods—no prints, whatsoever. “Black and brown are always the perennial best sellers for footwear, so there's a lot of black and brown in our house,” explains the designer. “And then ivory and white, we use to merchandise a lot because they kind of lift up the darkness.” This soothing color palette permeates all aspects of her life (and brand).

Parsons is dear friends with the owners of PRB Collection, a relationship that informs a great deal of her home’s look. “I think that you're always influenced by the people that you spend a lot of time with, and we're really close with them.” Between gifts, her own collecting, and general camaraderie, the space has taken on a similar neutral-hued aesthetic to that of the 20th century design gallery. In Parsons’ home, the furniture boasts simplicity of silhouette, exuding prowess in subtle details in lieu of ostentatious decor—an idea that sums up the designer's overarching taste in every aspect of her life.

Parson began her career in graphic design ahead of becoming a designer, but points out visual content as the "connective tissue” of her resume. Throughout her career, she’s simply been honing her aesthetic. “As I've gotten older, I try to really think about things that are enduring and classic and timeless and just well-made—high quality,” she explains. “And that applies to so many different facets of my life from the way I dress to how I purchase furniture.” Take, for instance, her cult favorite Susan sandal, perhaps the most recognized silhouette of the brand (though others now vie for that title). The shoe is simple, a classic sole with leather chords tipped in metal that lace up the wearer’s foot and ankle. No frills, just good design.

“I wear a lot of neutrals and somehow that is how my house turned out, as well,” she continues, expanding on the subject of her personal taste. ”There's a book that I'm obsessed with called Margiela: The Hermès Years.” Parsons holds the coffee table tome up to her camera. She flips through sumptuously simple images of sharp tailoring, crisp silhouettes, and stark color palettes. “I feel like these are just the kind of images that never go out of style,” she muses, still pondering the pages. “You can always go back to the perfect white shirt with the perfect tailored pants.” She applies that same logic to everything from her home’s paint color to its sparse decor. “I don't have to worry about five years from now,” she reflects glancing around at her space, “will this be relevant? Is it going to look dated?

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Margiela: The Hermes Years

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“This book is filled with images I refer back to again and again.”


Potpourri Terracotta Jar

“Whenever I visit Florence I try to stop by the original Santa Maria Novella location for gifts. The brand has been around for 800 years and the Florentine monks created a pharmacy using herbs and flowers from their garden. These potpourri jars smell incredible and look chic on any shelf or tabletop.”

Santa Maria Novella

Simple Wedge

“These are the perfect evening shoes for entertaining or being entertained. The 75mm heel is comfortable while providing a subtle lift.”

Emme Parsons

Pedestal Table

“My friend, Gaby Rosales is a furniture dealer in Los Angeles and has the best eye. This is one of her pieces that I would love if I ever have a proper studio space.”

Axel Einar Hjorth
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“Another book that provides constant inspiration.”


Small Organic Mirror

“Our local friends at PRB Collection have really shaped the whole aesthetic of my home in Florida. They specialize in 20th century Italian, Scandinavian and American design and we have been fortunate enough to have several of their pieces rotate through our home. Some of my favorite items are their mirrors which help add dimension and the illusion of more space to a room.”

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