Emily Oberg’s Current Sneaker Rotation

Emily Oberg’s Current Sneaker Rotation

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Okay, fine, we’ll admit it: we are currently (and have been for quite some time) crushing on Emily Oberg. But hey, you can’t deny that she isn’t the perfect fit for our sneaker week. Which is exactly why, when we were raiding her closet a few weeks ago, we decided to get the lowdown on her current sneaker rotation (how she chooses out of so many shoes is beyond us). Turns out her current go-tos are a mix of Nike and Adidas with a pair of Vans Old Skools thrown into the mix. Comfortable? Check. Pretty damn good-looking? Check. 



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“The Vans Old Skool in the black-and-white. They’re super classic and easy to wear.”

Why these five are currently *the ones*:

“There are some sneakers that aren’t that comfortable, but all of these definitely are. You can wear them all day long. I think they go well with all different outfits, so you don’t have to put too much time and effort into matching it with something else. They all have a sleek, clean style to them—nothing too busy or crazy. I like to be simple and classic—I don’t ever go too crazy with my style. I think those all fit in with a simple look.”

What she’s thinking of bringing into the daily mix:

“I used to not like Jordans at all, but Im starting to get into them. They are such classic shoes, especially the 1s.”

If she ever wears a pair two days in a row:

“I have so many shoes, but I always end up wearing the same ones. Creature of habit, I guess. I don’t care about wearing the same shoes two or three days in a row, [but] its always good to switch it up a bit and give your shoes a rest. You don’t ever want to break them in too much. I do like keeping my sneakers relatively clean.”

On her shoe-lacing techniques:

“I honestly do not care. When I worked at Complex, I would make my friends tie my new shoes for me. I would be like, ‘I don’t know how to do it.’ But I don’t really care. Sometimes I just wish they came tied.”

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