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Spend a Whole Day at The Dior Spa in Paris

It’s worth it, I promise.

We Tried It
Spend a Whole Day at The Dior Spa in Paris
Courtesy of Matthieu Salvaing for Parfums Christian Dior

With its striking red awnings, wine cellar, Haute Couture suite—which includes a quintessential, window-framed view of the Eiffel Tower—and the Michelin-starred Jean Imbert restaurant, Hôtel Plaza Athénée isn’t just a place to sleep while visiting Paris; it’s a travel destination in and of itself. Exhibit A: The Dior Spa. Renovated in 2023, the spa is nestled underneath the hotel. All you have to do is walk through the eighteenth-century-inspired lobby, pass the Assouline coffee table book-adorned shelves, then make your way down the staircase.

When I first made the descent, it felt transported to a subterranean oasis. The waiting area, like the rest of the spa, is a serene space decorated with minimalist furnishings. Think: plush throws, white modular couches, a marble fountain, and warm, recessed lighting. It was as if my senses were immersed in a weighted blanket. Coming from the bustling streets of Paris, your ears may need some time to acclimate to the serene energy.

During my stay at the hotel earlier this year, I was able to get familiar with the spa and its offerings. Tucked away in alcoves off the main space are private treatment rooms, a couple’s suite, a sauna, a hammam, and a beauty salon. Mix and match treatments based on your personal wants and needs or opt for an expert-crafted, tailored spa experience. Need some recommendations? Here’s exactly how I’d spend a day at the Dior Spa inside Hôtel Plaza Athénée.

Courtesy of Matthieu Salvaing for Parfums Christian Dior


The Fitness Center

After you’ve finished drinking a Wild & The Moon vegetable juice—they’re available in the spa—start your day at the fitness center. Workout on your own in a space complete with Christian Dior-branded exercise balls, weights, and yoga mats. Or, thanks to the spa’s partnership with Parisian fitness company Gymate, book a session with a personal trainer. I’d opt for pilates but if you’d prefer yoga, weight training, or meditation, there are trainers for those, too.


There’s nothing wrong with going into the sauna a little sweaty. You’re getting a head start on the experience, in my opinion. Anyway, there are many reasons to consider going to the sauna regularly—it’s known to lead to more energy, better sleep, and clearer skin.

Courtesy of Matthieu Salvaing for Parfums Christian Dior


D-Waves Body Treatment

This body treatment—exclusive to this specific spa—features Waves 21 technology, which combines electrical stimulation and cryotherapy to jolt muscles into action, stimulate collagen production, and improve blood circulation, resulting in a firmer, more sculpted version of you.

Dior Powered By Hydrafacial

Consider this the supercharged version of the standard Hydrafacial. What exactly is a Hydrafacial? It’s a hydra-dermabrasion treatment that uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin. This version of the Hydrafacial includes Dior Lotion Peeling Floral to help remove sebum and debris buildup. Then, the Dior Skin Light LED mask is placed over the face as the final step in the treatment to soothe and brighten. You’ll leave the treatment room with a next-level glow.

Courtesy of Matthieu Salvaing for Parfums Christian Dior


Dior Light Suite - Recharge Ritual

The Light Suite is another exclusive to the Dior Spa at Hôtel Plaza Athénée. The room features an LED ceiling that mimics natural sunlight to help regulate your body's internal clock, improving sleep, overall well-being, and skin health. Created with input from medical professionals, the three available therapies are each designed to balance your energy. Since you’re in Paris, I’m guessing you have dinner plans after emerging from the spa to return to reality. In that case, consider the Recharge ritual. It pairs a face and body massage treatment with variations in LED light to boost energy levels.

P.S. If you do have plans for the evening, why not stop by the salon before you head out? They offer makeup and hairstyling services upon request.

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