Our Creative Director Toured the Cali Coast in the Coziest Way Possible

Our Creative Director Toured the Cali Coast in the Coziest Way Possible

The trip involved surfing, fireside poke bowls, and late-night swims. In collaboration with UGG.

By now you guys must know how much we love a good road trip. Another thing we love? Nature. Especially our co-founder and creative director, Jake Rosenberg, who, believe it or not, actually used to guide back-country trips around the world. So when UGG—yup, the brand of boots that you religiously wore your entire way through the early 2000s—and Wilderness Collective invited him to join them on a road trip in their native state of California, he agreed without a moment of hesitation.

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but UGG has come quite some way since they introduced their first surf shoe and classic boot that we know you used to beg your mom for on a daily basis until she finally gave in out of pure annoyance. Jake witnessed this firsthand as he traveled the Cali coast alongside pro skaters and surfers, all in his UGG shoes. Sounds like a dream come true, no? What’s even dreamier are the photos he snapped along the way. Scroll through the gallery below to check them out and read through his travel diary—the crew may or may not have had late-night swims in the freezing cold river.

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“After that, we went down to a famous surf spot, Steamer Lane, and we went surfing. Before the trip started, they had three custom boards created, which was super cool, by a company called Grain out of Oregon, I believe. They are these hollow wood boards. This awesome kid named Alex Smith was on the trip, a pro surfer from Hawaii, and another guy named Sakae [Patrick]—he is the face of UGG's campaign. They found him randomly on the street. They street-casted him for the campaign, pretty much. Now he has been the face of the brand. He grew up in Japan, travels the world surfing and skating. Alex Smith was the first person I met on the trip—just an awesome guy all around, travels and surfs professionally.”

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