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The Pant Silhouette We’ll Be Wearing All Winter Long

A little bit ’70s, a little bit Y2K.

When it comes to pant silhouettes, we’ve already established there are no longer unifying trends. However, it can still be fun to catalogue new styles on the rise and evaluate how best to work them into your own wardrobe. This season in particular, we’ve had our eye on bootcut styles, both in the form of denim and trousers, gracing the legs of the most stylish.

The concept of a bootcut pant falls somewhere between a flare and a straight leg—just wide enough to permit a boot beneath its breadth. Despite its named function, the style can also be paired with sandals, heels, flats—there are no restrictions when it comes to footwear. A runway favorite of current brands like Khaite and Bottega Veneta, this practical style can be worn in an extremely wide array of ensembles.

Though we’re not talking about groovy bell bottoms here, there is something reminiscent of a ‘70s music executive about that subtle hint of a flare. So the styling can often follow suit—feel free to take this literally—we adore a bootcut suit. Bootcut trousers serve as the perfect compliment to a silky (perhaps patterned) button down and a long blazer—extra wide lapels please! An extended length on your outerwear of choice keeps the overall look from veering too hard into Y2K territory, but if that’s your thing, grab a cropped puffer, some Reeboks and you’re set. Regardless of how you style them, continue scrolling to shop our 12 favorites on the market right now.

1977 Bootcut Jeans

Acne Studios

Flare Crop Pants

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Bootcut Jeans

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