Slip Dresses Under $250 That Belong in Your Closet
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Slip Dresses Under $250 That Belong in Your Closet

With a little creative styling, they can be worn during any season or occasion.

Slip dresses are magical because you can go from looking like Courtney Love to Gwyneth Paltrow with a quick change of accessories. They are universally flattering and, with a little creative styling, can be worn during any season or occasion. At this point, they're as much of a wardrobe staple as a good ribbed white tank or a trusty pair of straight-leg jeans. Ahead, we’re sharing our favorite ways to style slip dresses—whether you’re attending a wedding, running errands, or seeing your friend’s band play at the dive bar down the street—and a few options under $250 to invest in.

Business Casual Meetings

As we've reported, flip-flops have made their return. The combination of flip-flops, a slip dress, and a blazer, as shown above, plays off the casual nature of the sandal while still allowing you to feel put-together and chic.

Elena Midi Slip Dress

Elena Midi Slip Dress


Since I became more eco-conscious in my clothing consumption, a major criterion for deciding what to buy is whether it can be worn year-round. Obviously, there are some items like heavy sweaters and coats that are inherently seasonal, but some items can surprise you with their versatility.

Mari V Neck Slip Dress

Pistola Denim


I recently asked my stylist friend Sam Weir what to wear to a wedding, and she recommended a slip dress. It’s light, comfortable, and can be dressed up with the right shoes and jewelry.

Calla Slip

Allina Liu

Date Nights

A foolproof way to look and feel sexy when going out is to throw on a mini black slip dress. It’ll look great with any shoe—from combat boots to stilettos—and you can zhuzh it up with a Euphoria makeup look or a statement jacket.

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