The Jewelry Brands Creating Wearable Art
Photos (L-R): Courtesy of Levens Jewels, Charlotte Chesnais, Levens Jewels, Ute Decker Studio, Charlotte Chesnais, Dezso by Sara Beltrán

The Jewelry Brands Creating Wearable Art

These designers are blurring the lines between jewelry and art.

A wise person once said that a really great outfit is never complete without a really great accessory. And while Coco Chanel advised to take one accessory off every time you leave the house, lately I’ve taken to doing the opposite—especially when it comes to jewelry. The more the merrier is my preferred approach, especially when there are so many incredible independent designers creating truly unique pieces that really make a statement. Who needs a dainty gold chain when you can have a ceramic pendant or seashells infused with gemstones? Below, I've created a list of my favorite brands creating sculptural jewelry that blurs the lines between jewelry and art.

Based in Barcelona, Levens Jewels makes unique jewelry for unique people. While they’re known for using ceramics as their base material, their latest collection is made of glass (all crafted by hand, of course).

If you’re on the hunt for ocean-inspired jewelry without looking like every other person on the Amalfi Coast, Dezso is your answer. Designer Sarah Beltrán works with artisans in Mexico and India to handcraft each piece, taking inspiration from the sea but creating pieces that can be worn far from it. You can also mix and match different charms with her special chains.

Misho Designs describes itself as a brand creating "modern architecture for the body." Their pieces truly are showstoppers, and are beloved by celebrities like Zendaya and Winnie Harlow.

Parisian designer Charlotte Chesnais launched her eponymous label after over 10 years of working at Balenciaga. Her pieces are handmade in France and materials range from brass, vermeil, and sterling silver to gold and diamonds. She takes inspiration from renowned sculptors such as Alberto Giacometti and Constantin Brancusi, creating organic forms that flow with the body.

Ivy Left Bracelet

Porter Simmons
Charlotte Chesnais

Ribbon Ring

Porter Simmons
Charlotte Chesnais

Fashion is supposed to be fun, and this is the approach Blobb certainly takes with each piece. Rings (or "mini sculptures," as they call them) come in every shape and color and instantly spark major joy. Each is one-of-a-kind and handmade by designer Sofia Elias in Mexico City.

Limited-edition pieces by Hannah Jewett are created in New York City and have been seen in publications such as Vogue and Elle. They embody the concept of elevated editorial accessories (with a bit of a punk edge to them), but are still extremely wearable. It’s no surprise that her pieces are a favorite of stars like Billie Eilish and Bella Hadid.

Ute Decker Studio perfectly embodies the concept of sculptural jewelry—it’s often hard to figure out which pieces are wearable and which may actually be art. Pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited-edition and made using Fairtrade gold and recycled silver.

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