Cute Gift Ideas for the New Moms in Your Life
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Cute Gift Ideas for the New Moms in Your Life

These picks honor new mothers' exciting next chapter without overlooking their stylish sensibilities.

A few months into the pandemic, my best friend had her first baby. She’s the first of my friends to become a mom and although she’s still the only person in my close friend circle with a baby, it feels like her son’s birth brought forth an entirely new era for my friend group, where bachelorette parties and baby showers get worked into our schedules. Since I’m far from that phase of life, nailing down the perfect gift is challenging. For Mother’s Day this year, I want to make sure that I’m gifting my BFF something that’s functional but still feels like it’s for her. That being said, I cast out my net to find gifts for new moms that will honor their exciting new phase of life without overlooking their stylish sensibilities. Keep reading for chic gifts to shop for new moms, ahead.

Zeitgeist Yin Yang Baby Carrier

I’m online enough to know that this is the baby carrier to have. Beyond the IG feed-friendly design, it’s also a comfier choice for both the wearer and the baby thanks to the blend of cotton, cashmere, and silk. Yes, it’s a pricier pick, but it fits up to 45 pounds, so you can literally use this to carry your child to kindergarten.


Beige Feathers Party Pyjama Set

During those first few weeks after giving birth, it’s not uncommon for moms to stick to a cozy at-home uniform. This two-piece pajama set can make laying low feel more luxe, and the trim is detachable for those who aren’t into the theatrics of ostrich feathers.


Monogram Necklace

The modern mother is always armed with a piece of jewelry in tribute to her baby. Opting for this sleek initial pendant isn’t all the way into "mama" necklace territory, but it’s a sweet, subtle ode to her child with a chain high enough that the baby can’t fiddle with it while they’re eating.

Jenny Bird

The Base Bra: You Are My Sunshine

In honor of Mother’s Day, designer and podcast host Pia Baroncini crafted her take on one of Harper Wilde’s signature SKUs. The lyrics "You are my sunshine" are embroidered along the band of the bra since her mom used to sing that to her. It’s not a nursing bra per se, but the light lining and plush feel make it easy for everyday wear.

Harper Wilde

Pod Based Blender System

Before I nail down a gift, I want to consider if and how it would make the mom’s life easier. Vejo’s sleek portable blender makes it easier than ever for the new mom in your life to make her morning smoothie—all it takes is popping a freeze-dried pod into the blender’s cap and blending away.


Silicone Breast Pump

This isn’t a regular breast pump, it’s a cool breast pump. Moms love this pump because of the natural suction, easy-to-clean bottle, and sleek design.


Black Soft Lounge Slip Dress

For days at home with the baby, this dress is cozy enough for lounging, but the floor-length hem and square neckline give it an elevated feel.


The Body Ritual

For new moms, time to unwind can look very different from before. And with a new round-the-clock plus one, making time for self-care moments is more important than ever. This four-step body kit can make a shower feel like a trip to the spa.


Green Rib Knit Robe

This Ivy Park robe is the perfect pick for new moms who want something cozy and convertible to wear around and outside of the house. Think of it as a gift straight from Beyoncé.

Adidas X Ivy Park


New moms know all about the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor and Elvie’s Trainer makes it easy to keep up with kegels. The insert syncs with your phone to track workouts and build back strength that might have been lost during delivery. Opting for a kegel challenge together is a great sign of solidarity.

$199 $149

Swell Relief Duo

Buying this for the mom-to-be in your life will put you in the running for godmother. The cream has a cooling effect to soothe swelling and ease discomfort for moms in the home stretch of their pregnancy. Best of all, you can purchase it as a duo alongside Hatch's cozy compression socks.


Carrie Portable Table Lamp

Good lighting can soften the blow of a really late night and this table lamp casts a subtle glow that creates a cozy ambiance. Plus, it’s totally portable so moms can tote it around the house while they lull the baby to sleep.


Postpartum Restorative Tonic

Perfect for toasting to the new baby, this adaptogen tonic is made to support postpartum parents physically and mentally with ingredients like ashwagandha, nettle leaf, and dandelion root.

Milk Moon

Babycook Duo Homemade Baby Food Maker

Making all of your own baby food is easier said than done. This does the legwork of steaming raw chicken, fish, fruits and veggies in under 20 minutes to make sure that all of the baby's meals are gourmet-adjacent.


Your Body Is Magic Book & Body Care Set

Mutha is a skincare brand founded with moms in mind. The Body Oil and Body Butter from this set feels extra indulgent and are designed to tackle stretch marks and dryness. The book, written by Mutha founder Hope Smith, is a new mom’s guide to wellness.

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