These Are Our Favorite Fashion Looks of the Week

These Are Our Favorite Fashion Looks of the Week

Endless style inspiration ahead.

If we had a dollar for every time we said “Instagram” every day, we’d have a house in the Hamptons, a closet full of Valentino and Sacai, solid-gold toothbrushes, and an actual zoo in our backyard. We’d be rich. Such is the beauty of the world’s most addictive app.

It’s also a gold mine of style inspiration, obviously, and one that (as proved by the above scenario) we reference constantly. Here are the very best looks we saw this week.

5 / 5
Most Likely to Stop Traffic: Ajak Deng

“It’s not difficult to pull off bizarre accessories when you’re a 6-foot glamazon with flawless skin, but Ajak Deng makes even a lion’s-mane-type headpiece look like an obvious choice for Sunday brunch. This throwback photo honestly could be a still from a rococo painting, flared lace sleeves and all. A healthy dose of gold jewelry ties it all together, and my Google search history is already replete with romantic gowns in shades of pale banana. Fingers crossed for me!” —Hannah Baxter

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@ajak_deng
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