The Hotels Interior Design Experts Frequent for Inspiration

From Morocco’s El Fenn to Utah’s Amangiri, these hotels are an escapist’s dream.

The Hotels Interior Design Experts Frequent for Inspiration

Walking through the entrance of an Aman resort or a Proper Hotel, guests can immediately detach themselves from their daily lives. The designs of these aesthetically-pleasing hotels fuel an escapist quality—a notion one’s familiar with if they’ve ever ascended the neon-lit escalators at a SoHo Public Hotel or entered a zen state at Troutbeck’s The Barns. Naturally, interior designers, curators, and creative directors are quite familiar with this sentiment. These creatives have a thorough roster of hot spots to visit in case they’re lacking inspiration, which, let’s be honest, is quite frequent these days. So, we’ve asked them to share their go-to, beautifully-designed hotels they find themselves escaping to. Whether it’s experiencing the sweeping expanse of the Utah desert at the Amangiri or the monastic architecture at Palazzo Daniele, these are the expert-approved hot spots to seek inspiration at this year.


Bodrum, Turkey

Amanruya in Bodrum, Turkey, is one of my favorite spots for vacation because of the different and quiet design of famous Turkish architects Turgut Cansever, Emine Öğün, and Mehmet Öğün. Even though it's very minimal, it has thoughtful eye-catching details such as squared corners, amazing finishes, and a great garden design.” Enis Karavil; Creative Director, Sanayi313

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Amanruya in Bodrum, Turkey; Photo: Courtesy of Aman

Round Hill Hotel & Villas

Montego Bay, Jamaica

"I love Round Hill Hotel & Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Founded in the 1950s, it was once a playground for the jet set including the Kennedy’s, the British Royal Family, and Ralph Lauren who still owns two homes there, one of which was formerly owned by Bill and Babe Paley. The lush landscape, secluded location, and tranquil waters all set the perfect backdrop for the beautiful British Colonial villas and the warm hospitality that is a signature of this very special place.” —Paloma Contreras; Founder, Paloma Contreras Design

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Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Cabo San Lucas

"Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas has also become a favorite getaway. The villas in particular are beautifully appointed in a classic, modern Mexican style. The resort feels very private and exclusive and if you rent a villa with a pool, you can cocoon yourself completely. The food here is outstanding, especially at Arbol—the Asian restaurant on property. You'll be hard-pressed to find warmer or more personalized service anywhere." —Contreras

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Aman Sveti Stefan


“The Aman Sveti Stefan resort in Montenegro is a favorite for that effortlessly chic Mediterranean vibe. The experience is total luxury without being stuffy. The rooms are fresh and modern but maintain that old-world feel. Nothing beats a day spent lounging by the crystal clear waters, playing backgammon, and watching the fishing boats drift by.” —Lauren Sands; Founder, LES Collection

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The Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, Italy; Photo: Courtesy of Aman

Hotel Palumbo

Ravello, Italy

“I love this hotel in Ravello called the Hotel Palumbo that's really beautiful. Italian hotels are so lovely because you get those beautiful starched linen sheets. They're fancy, but they're not trying too hard. It's perfect to a tee but not overdone.” Dara Caponigro; Creative Director, Schumacher; Editor-in-Chief Frederic Magazine

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Number 16

London, England

“I like the Kit Kemp hotels. [Their design is] not the sensibility [I want to] live with, but I love staying at them. When I'm in London, I usually stay at the Number 16.” —Caponigro

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Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Santa Monica, CA

“Whenever I make work trips down to L.A., I love to stay at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. The eclectic mix of vintage furnishings, earthy palette, and bold design moves (like the oversize archways) is always super chic and inspiring.” Stephanie Brown; Founder, Stephanie Brown Inc

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The Santa Monica Proper Hotel in Santa Monica, CA; Photo: The Ingalls

Hotel Castello di Reschio

Umbria, Italy

“I am endlessly inspired by Hotel Castello di Reschio in Italy. The owner is an architect who turned the castle into a hotel and it’s so gorgeous. The interiors are eclectic but still feel like they have always been there, which I think is a testament to great design. Whether you’re by the pool or in the barn, the attention to detail is insane from one corner to the next.” Jenni Kayne; Founder, Jenni Kayne

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Aman Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

“[I love the] Aman Tokyo. I am so inspired by Japanese culture. The combination of quality and restraint is so peaceful to me. The hotel's design is spectacular. Not to mention the service and attention to detail outshines the others.” Chelsea Neman Nassib; Founder, Tappan Collective

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The Aman Tokyo in Tokyo; Photo: Courtesy of Aman

Château Marmont

Los Angeles, CA

"One of my favorite hotels is Château Marmont in Hollywood. [It] feels very romantic and nostalgic.” Tiffany Howell; Founder, Night Palm Studios

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Château Voltaire

Paris, France

“The Château Voltaire in Paris is a very quaint and cozy hotel that has been inspiring my current projects at the moment and I'm sure for future ones to come as well. It's gorgeous and so well done.” Elisa Baran; Founder, Elisa Baran, LLC

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Palazzo Daniele

Gagliano del Capo, Italy

“I'm really looking forward to going to Italy for my honeymoon; we are heading to Puglia! My fiancé and I chose a few places to get both inspiration and romanticism in at the same time [and the first is] Palazzo Daniele. It's described as ‘minimalism meets majesty, where monastic décor exaggerates the grandeur of ceiling frescoes and standalone art and design pieces.’ The two owners have a passion for hospitality and interior design and you can see this through the images on their website and social media of the gorgeous Palazzo.” —Baran

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Amenia, NY

“One of our favorite hotels is Troutbeck in Amenia, NY. As members, we were able to spend a great deal of time there over the past two years when traveling far was difficult. The historic estate was reimagined by the talented Champalimaud Design with no detail left untouched. I love the thoughtful attention to color and texture, which feels sophisticated but not fussy. The recent modern addition of The Barns by Shelter Design Architecture includes wellness services that are perfect after a long tennis match.” —Britt Zunino; Principal, Studio DB

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Troutbeck in Amenia, NY; Photo: Paul Barbera

El Fenn

Marrakech, Morocco

“At El Fenn in Marrakech, each room in this boutique hotel has its own design and vibe. The art and furniture throughout the property is super vibrant and unique and features Moroccan artists." —Berkeley Minkhorst & Kelley Lentini; Co-Founders, House of Nomad

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El Fenn in Marrakech, Morocco; Photo: Cécile Perrinet Lhermitte

Hotel San Cristobal

Todos Santos, Mexico

[We also love] Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos. The Bunkhouse Group leaves no detail untouched! From the branding to the tile design and even the playlist, the entire hotel is perfectly curated. Bonus points: The on-site restaurant Benno is incredible!” —Minkhorst & Lentini

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Canon Point, UT

“By far, the closest space to inspo-perfection has to be the Amangiri. The simple stark contrast of the sharp architectural forms adjacent to the awe-striking backdrop of Utah takes my breath away every time. Time-bending and slightly surreal, the views, the silence, and the smell of the desert remind us how little we are in this world.” Summer Jensen; Founder, Hawk & Co.

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Hotel Lutetia

Paris, France

“[I love] Hotel Lutetia in Paris because it’s gorgeous, luxurious, convenient, and everyone that works there smiles all the time. The food is delicious, the gym is well-equipped, and the beds are divine.” Jeffry Weisman; Founder, Fisher Weisman

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Austin Proper Hotel

Austin, TX

“I am obsessed with the Austin Proper Hotel! I was there recently and couldn't get over every little detail—it was one of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed at. Kelly Wearstler, who designed it, is a genius and I loved taking in everything there.” —Hilary Matt; Founder, Hilary Matt Interiors

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The Austin Proper Hotel in Austin, TX; Photo: The Ingalls

The Joule

Dallas, TX

“Currently, my favorite hotel is The Joule located in downtown Dallas. Our studio has been spending quite a bit of time designing the new home of beloved restaurant, Sassetta, which has just reopened. The hotel lobby also boasts an incredible art collection on display in addition to a series of large scale mosaics by ‘70s artist Millard Sheets, which have been lovingly and painstakingly restored.” Jean Liu; Founder, Jean Liu Design

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Villa Feltrinelli

Lake Garda, Italy

“Very dear to my heart, the Villa Feltrinelli in Lake Garda [is a favorite]. It is by far the most beautiful, magical place that I have ever stayed. If ever I have the opportunity, it will be the inspiration for a new house design for my busy family." —Suzanne Duin; Founder, Maison Maison Design

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