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9 Emerging Fashion Brands to Know—& Shop Now

If you know, you know.

Fact: Instagram has given smaller fashion brands a chance to flourish. For people who thrive on collecting unique pieces, it’s a great time to be shopping on our phones. No longer do we have to choose between mass fashion and expensive luxury brands—we now have a whole new category that offers both individuality and accessibility. Whether you’re into colorful, wearable art pieces or timeless classics, we’ve rounded up the emerging brands to know.

Trois delivers sexy in a chic and elegant form. Their pieces are sleek with simple designs, but still offer individuality in every look, and if your wardrobe mostly consists of warm, earthy tones, this is the label for you.

Orseund Iris creates everyday pieces for the individual with a playful heart. This New York Citybased brand creates styles for the strong and independent woman. If every coffee run is a chance to stun, then you’ll find all you need right here.

Simonett creates the kind of outfits you want to take a thousand pictures of. As a brand born in the Design District of Miami, their bold statement pieces are like wearable art—you’re basically guaranteed compliments when wearing them.

Adanola has all the comfort clothes you could wish for while looking chic as hell. While we continue to work out of our bedrooms, Adanola lets you sport a put-together look without the discomfort of wearing real pants.

Cropped blouses and cargo pants abound in this brand that exudes a modern cool-woman vibe. Their designs are simplistic and smooth-cut and offer a unique take on the classic styles we love.

Caution: You may be tempted to book a vacation to go with your outfit if you shop here. There are dresses that would look wonderful with a Tuscan backdrop and jumpsuits that would own the streets of London. But for those of us with no immediate travel plans (cries), Shona Joy gives us the perfect weekend getaway outfits.

Totême’s pieces are timeless classics with a modern twist, and as winter approaches, we strongly encourage checking out their coats for a seasonal upgrade.

Musier is a Parisian brand that launched in 2018. Their pieces are an edgy take on the classic French lookthink cropped cardigans and printed flared jeans.

Another athleisure brand new to the scene is Leisure Suite—their matching cream hoodie and sweatpants set is all you’ll find us existing in on a lazy Sunday. This Australian brand launched in 2020 in the height of the pandemic, so you can bet their cozy wear is designed for people staying in and looking cute all day.

Top photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@orseund_iris

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