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15 Outerwear Pieces Worth the Investment This Season

When you wear something every day, it requires a little extra thought.

Matthew Sperzel
Whenever my sister visits New York, she always comments how everyone appears to have just rolled out of bed and done nothing but throw on some fabulous coat, which somehow renders their ensemble undoubtedly chic. Sounds familiar, no? During the colder months, outerwear is really all anyone sees, barring your office, your home, and perhaps a restaurant—so these days, just your home.

By default you are wearing said outerwear every day, and unlike the fashion taboos surrounding many other aspects of your outfit, there’s no shame in repeating a coat. Cost per wear, therefore, goes way down, which is why we can justify a more significant investment. We polled our staffers to see all the outerwear staples they think are worth their dollars this season, from puffers to leather blazers to shearling jackets.

Leya Kaufman, Head of Sales & Brand Partnerships

Emporio Armani Taffeta Jacket with Chevron Quilting

I’m always cold. So even before the weather calls for a puffer, I need a sporty jacket that provides a lot of warmth. This one fits my never-ending crush on athleisure and makes a flattering statement through functional outerwear.


Ralph Lauren Collection Richie Shearling-leather Coat

I think I just discovered a bomber jacket that even the most elegant style icons would approve of. I’m talking, of course, about my mom—the trendsetter that inspired my undying love for the color camel. A girl can dream...


H&M Knit Sweater

I live for sweater season, but every year I’m also in need of a wardrobe refresh. So I start with H&M to stock up on trendy couch-to-street style basics, like oversized knits that double as outerwear.


Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor

Ganni Quilted Mid-length Coat

I’m here for the quilted outerwear trend, and Ganni has produced one of the most versatile styles on the market right now. A long neutral coat is a must for New Yorkers, so I’m quickly scooping this guy up to pair with my favorite cashmere turtlenecks and chunkiest boots.


Stand Studio Juniper Leather Jacket

Don’t underestimate a longline leather jacket. So many of us have our classic styles (whether cropped, boxy, or otherwise), but I’ve found that this silhouette is surprisingly versatile for fall and looks good with basically any outfit you can assemble. I found a vintage style last year that is my pride and joy, but this Stand Studio version is a dead ringer for it.


Julia Heuer Moritz Jacket

Is this a dress or a jacket? The jury is still out, but wow, there’s no way you can throw on this Julia Heuer dream and not feel like a million bucks. Sure, it may not be the most practical addition to your wardrobe, but I’m a firm believer that those are inevitably the pieces you love the most. Just layer it over your coziest turtleneck, and you have a to-die-for look for fall and winter.


Camille Freestone, Writer

Le 17 Septembre Tie-detailed Stretch-knit Jacket

I love finding pieces that have one really cool aspect balanced out with some minimalism—in this case, an innovative silhouette in a super neutral hue. Not to mention, a cropped jacket is a staple in my fall wardrobe. So basically this is a very “Camille” find.


Priory The Overshirt in Vegan Leather

The 2020 take on the leather jacket, these simple overshirts are top of my list this season. They are perfect for my current casual state of mind, and I’m picturing it layered over some sort of turtleneck and jeans. The bigger, the better—I want my chunky sweater to fit underneath.


Vince Drapey Tech Faille Trench

I’ve been in the market for a really great trench coat recently. Once you start looking, you realize that within this specific realm, there are abundant variations in shade, shape, and volume. But I want it to stay in my closet forever—so no bells and whistles. As I will not be able to afford a Burberry one anytime soon, this Vince style is definitely a heavy contender.

$545 $218

Rachel Pickus, Creative Associate

Sandy Liang Ermie Coat

In an alternate reality, I’d be throwing this coat over a sparkly cocktail dress and running off to a swanky holiday party. Since this season is already looking a little grim (less sequins, more sweats), I’ll happily indulge in a little opulence with this furry number.


Gestuz Maria Wool Blend Trench Coat

I’ll be honest, my due diligence of putting on real clothes for my morning coffee runs has gone by the wayside. I skip the exhaustive process of picking out an outfit (pre-coffee? are you kidding me?) and wrap a trench coat over my pj’s. Jury’s out on whether I’ve fooled my local baristas with this trick, but for my own sanity, I stick with it. Now it’s time to add some more options to my repertoire…


Dan Cassab Rimon Lamb Leather Fringe Jacket

There’s nothing I love more than a fringed leather jacket, and since my wardrobe is currently lacking in one, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect style. Little did I know my search would be cut short thanks to Mexican leather designer Dan Cassab. To say I’m obsessed would be a huge understatement.


Abby Miller, Head of Production

I Am That Leather Blazer Jacket

I basically LIVE for outerwear, and to me there is absolutely nothing cooler than a vintage leather trench. You could throw this over a pair of pajamas and transform your outfit into the chicest look in the room. I Am That Shop is my go-to for all the best vintage finds, especially when it comes to the long leather jackets.


Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Cocoon Parka

This Uniqlo puffer is basically the ultimate fashion hack. It gives you the silhouette of the Balenciaga puffer, but for a fraction of the cost. It's a must-have for your winter wardrobe.


Levi’s Ex-boyfriend Sherpa Trucker Jacket

If the name alone doesn’t get you (Ex-Boyfriend Sherpa Trucker Jacket), I don’t know what will. It has all the makings of a perfect jacket. The oversize men’s fit, sherpa, AND denim. What more do you need in a perfect outerwear staple?

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