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The Bralette Has Become Our Favorite Fall Fashion Statement

Here’s five ways to style it.

By: Camille Freestone

In all seriousness, when was the last time you wore a real bra? Working from home has shifted our mentality surrounding fashion, allowing us to further appreciate comfort above all else, specifically in the realm of bras. A bralette is soft and non-constricting as opposed to its underwired, padded counterpart. Womenswear was trending in that direction pre-March anyway, but the pandemic and our corresponding lifestyles have made the traditional bra seem even more far-fetched.

Aside from their highly practical nature, bralettes are also a fashionable statement as of late. Our favorite style icons have been finding new and intriguing ways to pair them—and show them off. Not only is this a fun styling tip, it’s also giving us an excuse to invest in pretty lingerie as we display our bralettes to the public at various degrees. Whether you’re ready to bare all and wear yours as a top, or want it to subtly peek out of a blouse, we’ve rounded up our favorite (shoppable) styling tips to help carry your *comfortable* yet stylish bralette into the next season.


Matching Knit Sets

This trend has been huge ever since Katie Holmes took to the streets in Khaite’s matching cardigan and bralette set. Button the sweater as high (or as low) as you would like.

Peeking Out of a Top

For those that aren’t ready to bare all, let your bralette peep out of a blouse or sweater. Let a simple style emerge from a deep V or let the strap show on under the shoulder of an oversized sweater.

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