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It's Time to Upgrade Your Haircare Routine for Fall

Better hair days are ahead.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Haircare Routine for Fall
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Throughout the year there are some seasonal changes that come naturally like switching out summer dresses for sweaters when the temperature begins to drop. But what might not be top of mind is evaluating your beauty products to make sure they are still serving you from season to season. “Every season as the weather is changing and our bodies are transitioning, it's important to align your self-care with change, “ says celebrity hair stylist Marty Harper. What exactly does this mean for our haircare? Let us explain.

“Taking a fresh look at the products in your shower and routine is important to make sure what you are using is targeting your needs to get the most out of your style,” says hair stylist and cosmetologist Sunnie Brook. As we transition out of our summer habits and prepare for lower temperatures, check in with the formulas in your cabinet to ensure they are helping fight against seasonal stressors. “As fall and winter approach, I see a lot of clients gravitate to hotter showers, more blow drying and scarf knotting [when your hair matts from wearing a scarf],” says Harper. As a general rule, he suggests all his clients to lean away from lighter, summer-friendly formulas and find more hydrating products to create longevity in styles. Similarly, Brook notes dry scalp, split ends, and dullness as a few of the most common concerns for the season.

Below, Brook and Harper share their essential hair tips for fall that will keep good hair days in your future.

Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Brook universal tip is using a leave-in treatment after each wash. “It will repair your split ends, hydrate without weighing your hair down, and increase all over shine,” she says. Harper also recommends this step for all hair types to help take away frizz, condition, and detangle.

Upgrade Your Pillow Case

“A golden rule for all hair categories is to find the softest pillow cases like silk or satin,” says Harper. “This will help alleviate friction and damage to the hair while you sleep but also is great for your skin.”

Don’t Forget Scalp Care

For those with thin or fine hair, it is extra important to treat your scalp during this time. Harper suggests using a scalp scrub twice a month to clarify. “The mission is to not overly wash the hair this season! Find the right hydration and combat breakage,” he explains. Brook echos, “Use a scalp cleansing shampoo to remove any oily buildup and give hair maximum volume at the roots. Look for products that have salicylic acid. This helps rid your scalp of dry skin and dandruff, which can weigh your roots down and it will also help reduce itchiness and irritation as well.”

Hydrate Curls and Coils

Colder weather can easily disrupt curls so it is important to give as much moisture as possible. “My biggest recommendation for the season is to [use the most] hydrating shampoo and conditioner,” says Harper. “ [Ingredients like] camellia oil and blue algae will embrace your hair in this seasonal journey as the protective hair fairies.” Brook also praises camellia oil as a star ingredient. “Its blend of proteins help prevent moisture loss and are a great conditioning agent that helps strands become more resilient to breakage,” she says.

Harper also emphasizes making sure you are giving curls the love they deserve. “If you’re not putting your hair in a braid or twists at night you’re missing the mark. All hair needs to be put to bed with intention,” he says. He stresses reusing a leave-in conditioner to prep hair before bedtime as well.

Perfect Texture Shampoo


Mask for Waves

“Keep your waves shiny and frizz free by using a weekly hair mask to add hydration and tame the cuticle,” says Brook. “Look for products with aloe vera as this ingredient helps strengthen the hair, keeps the follicle healthy, and controls greasy hair.”

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