How We’re Upgrading Our Tablescapes This Fall

Transform your table into the setting for a lavish soirée.

A major lesson that quarantine has taught us is to find joy in the process versus just the end goal. A new recipe has become an excuse to reconnect over cooking. A fancy cocktail is a task you look forward to in the evening. Even concocting a unique tablescape to complement said meal is a puzzle to solve—because as we all know, its not just about the food and libations, its also about the mood and environment.

While we may not be hosting at the scale we used to, that doesnt mean we can’t still turn the evening into a production. Plates, bowls, table linens, and serving dishes intricately fit together to create indulgent tablescapes that transform your kitchen or dining room table into a lavish soirée. Once you pick your color scheme, there are no restrictions.

Fall Tones

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Natural Elements

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Blue and White

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Willow 4 Piece Place Setting

Johnson Brothers
$50 $39
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