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Why a Sweatshirt Is the Perfect Item to Buy Right Now

Plus, styling tips for working from home and going out.

By: Camille Freestone

If you’re still working from home (or at least dressing like it), then you’ve probably experienced the shopping dichotomy between buying things you’ll wear now versus buying things you’ll wear later. Purchasing the fancy items geared towards days spent dining, museuming, and cocktailing may be more exciting, but you lose that instant gratification shopping often strives for. The key here is finding those wardrobe essentials you can wear now and later.

Enter: the sweatshirt. This wardrobe staple satisfies our current desire for comfort, and with the options available these days, it can actually look polished when worn accordingly. Cut in a classic silhouette, a sweatshirt is a piece that is just as wearable on the couch as it is for a day out—it’s all in the styling. We’ve rounded up some styling inspiration which is almost redundant, as a sweatshirt can be worn with just about anything!



Shake Up a Suit


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A clean-cut sweatshirt expertly paired with a tailored suit—the sweatshirt takes the formality of separates down a notch.


Sweats on Sweats



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The Frankie Shop, quarantine’s current trendsetter, spurred a matching sweat-set renaissance. Opt for a monochrome look, or mix and match your favorites.


Casual on Top, Fancy on the Bottom


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Depending on the season, throw on a sleek pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt. A clean and simple silhouette is the best option here.


When in Doubt, Denim


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The combination of these two casual materials perfectly embodies effortless style. Dress it up or down with your favorite accessories.

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