zack bia

Closet Tour with Zack Bia

We love a little fashion experimentation.

By: Halle Lagatta

Zack Bia is a mystery. Googling him doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how tapped into L.A. celebrity culture, the New York and Paris club scene, and perhaps the global fashion crowd he really is. Bia’s style seems to defy odds, too. While most twentysomethings are more or less rocking some iteration of a fit their parents wore in the ’90s, Bia is styling on a wavelength all his own, taking note of the early ’80s Antwerp Six, ’60s greasers, and a futuristic dress code that has yet to be given a name.

He takes the hype out of hypebeast, and his taste level—in our humble opinion—is unmatched. Case in point: Bia isn’t afraid to experiment with pieces that might otherwise be deemed femme—cue his Jean Paul Gaultier sequin blazer. What stands out to us isn’t his insane shoe collection filled with hyper-exclusive pieces and rare finds that are only available on StockX and maybe the dark web, it’s his daring style in which he combines $70 suits from H&M paired with metallic silver boots reminiscent of Margiela.

Check out his closet tour below and a roundup of some of his most coveted pieces you can shop now!