Canned Cocktails and Wine Get a Major Upgrade

Here are the top picks for every palate.

canned cocktails
From hard seltzers to wine and spritzers, the easily transportable, diverse range of canned cocktails and spirits on the market have made imbibing easier than ever. Being able to enjoy wine without committing to finishing a bottle is just one of many perks of drinking from a can. Additionally, it can save you a lot of time and money to have your cocktails readily made to consume.

Canned drinks are also getting cuter, healthier, more versatile, and eco-friendly. You’d be surprised by the number of organic flavors and recipes being packaged into six-packs.

Here are our top picks worthy of ditching the bottles from time to time and going for a good old can of these creative concoctions. No, this isnt your average White Claw.


West + Wilder Rosé, 3 x 250ml

This is the can you want to serve to impress friends who know a thing or two about wine, or at least would like to learn more. After years in luxury wine, West + Wilder’s founders, Kenneth Rochford and Matthew Allan, were looking for new ways to make good wine more accessible, but also beautiful. The result is what they call “a great bottle of wine that happens to come in a can.” The design on the cans evoke the freedom of exploring the west coast’s terrain, and 1 percent of West + Wilder’s gross sales go to parks and wild space. The pinot-noir-based rosé is like summer in a can, with notes of strawberry, peaches, and cherries. Purchase the full line here.


Acrobat Pinot Gris, 12-pack

This is the canned wine collection that will pair perfectly with just about any meal. Sourced from Oregon vineyards, Acrobat crafts four canned offerings: pinot noir, pinot gris, chardonnay, and rosé. The pinot gris is a medium-bodied wine with floral elements balanced with citrus components, making it an ideal accompaniment to a piece of grilled fish or salad. Purchase the full line here.


McBride Sisters She Can Island Citrus Dry Rosé Spritzer, 4-pack

Support a Black, woman-owned wine brand with the McBride Sisters’ empowering She Can spritzers and still wine. The line was inspired by the sisters’ mothers and includes an Island Citrus dry rosé spritzer with notes of tropical grapefruit, guava, and golden kiwi. The McBride Sisters created the SHE CAN Professional Development Fund to promote the career advancements of women in the wine industry. Purchase the full line here.

$28 $24

Pampelonne Blood Orange Cans, 4-pack

If you’re stuck at home but would rather be in the French Riviera, the taste of Pampelonne can transport you to a simpler, more fabulous time. Each sparkling can is made with French wine, is gluten-free, and low in sugar and calories. Take your pick from a blood orange spritz, French 75, La Pêche, and Rosé Lime. Purchase the full line here.


Ste Chapelle Black Cherry Spritz Can

If you like seltzer and spritzers, you’re in luck—Ste Chapelle rosé spritzer combines the two with various flavors, including Black Cherry, Huckleberry, Mountain Berry, and Raspberry Rose. Meredith Rose is the winemaker behind the Idaho-based winery based in the Snake River Valley appellation. Purchase the full line here.

Cascadian Outfitters Sparkling Rosé, 6-pack

Cascadian Outfitters sells three kinds of canned wine in six-packs—a Syrah-based rosé, a chardonnay, and a red blend. The canned Washington-grown grapes are a perfect road-trip accompaniment, with logos that recall the foliage of the Pacific Northwest. Their sparkling rosé was included in Wine Enthusiast’s 15 Recommended wines in cans. Purchase the full line here.


Ava Grace Vineyards Pinot Grigio, 12-pack

AVA Grace’s canned varieties are almost too pretty to drink—almost. The California-grown pinot grigio and rosé hold two glasses of wine per can. Winemaker Andrea Brambila and her team source grapes from California, resulting in high-quality and affordable wines. Purchase the full line here.


Lubanzi Red Blend Can, 4-pack

Lubanzi has three canned varieties. The first is a red blend of 42 percent Shiraz, 34 percent Cinsault, 15 percent Mourvèdre, and 9 percent Grenache from W.O. Coastal Region, South Africa. The wine is vegan-friendly and has just 2 g/L of residual sugar. The Lubanzi Chenin Blanc from W.O. Swartland, South Africa, is aged on the lees for three to six months and has 12.5 percent alcohol.The newly released Lubanzi Sparkling Rosé is a blend of Rhone varietals produced via a second ferment in a tank, much like a prosecco. Purchase the full line here.



Two Chicks Paloma, 4-pack

Two Chicks’ canned goodies are flavored with natural essences of fruit and botanicals. The ready-to-drink cocktails were created by a team of dynamic women. Their line includes the Citrus Margarita, Vodka Fizz, and Paloma. The latter is my favorite and includes premium tequila blanco with the essence of pink grapefruit. The crisp, citrusy beverage is perfect with a taco (or two). Purchase the full line here.


Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda Clementina, 6-pack

If you love the citrusy bursts of Italian soda, why not remix the class with alcohol? That’s exactly what Bravazzi, an independent, female-founded and -owned company, has done. The gluten-free hard soda has 4.2 percent alcohol and includes flavors like Clementina, which can be made into a Clementina Spritz with one part of Aperol and three parts Bravazzi Clementina. Purchase the full line here.


Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha, 4-pack

These three canned and carbonated twists on Brazil’s beloved Caipirinha include lime and organic cachaca, a sugarcane spirit similar to rum. You won’t have to worry about sourcing ingredients for this cocktail, and Novo Fogo is offering three low-sugar flavors: Passion Fruit-Lime, Mango-Lime, and Original Lime. Purchase the full line here.


Miami Cocktail Co. Organic Bellini Spritz, 4-pack

Some of your favorite brunch cocktails just got easier to drink at home with Miami Cocktail’s spritz line. The brand prides itself on drinks with clean ingredients, meaning no artificial flavors or added sugar, ever. Their line includes Mango & Peach Rosé Bellini Spritz, Sunrise Rosé Sangria Spritz, Mandarin Rosé Mimosa Spritz, Grapefruit & Hibiscus Paloma Spritz, and Elderflower & Ginger Margarita Spritz. The Bellini and Paloma Spritzes are fan favorites and loved by celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Isabela Grutman. Purchase the full line here.

$15 $13

Empirical Can 01, 4-pack

Scientists in Denmark came together to create a canned cocktail line unlike anything on the market.The brand calls itself a “flavor company” and makes concoctions by macerating fruit, herbs, and botanicals into alcohol outside traditional categories such as gin, rum, or vodka. Empirical’s Can 01 (charcoal black) and Can 02 (hot pink) have a spirit base of beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast with other ingredients that include oolong tea and toasted cherry. Purchase the full line here.


Azulana Sparkling Pineapple Rosemary Tequila, 4-pack

Tequila and bubbly lovers rejoice. Azulana is produced in the birthplace of tequila, Jalisco, and is made from 100 percent blue agave. It comes in three light, crisp, and refreshing flavors – Original, Lime, and Pineapple Rosemary. It was named the “Official Sparkling Tequila” of The Rose Bowl in 2019 and will continue to roll out in various US cities in the coming weeks, so get your limes ready. Purchase the full line here.


Five Drinks Co Moscow Mule, 4-pack

“Less isn’t more. It’s right.” That’s the motto of Five Drinks Co., which prides itself on canned cocktails with five or less ingredients. The line includes a Moscow Mule with vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, tamarind, and coconut water; a margarita with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, hibiscus, and habanero agave nectar; and a classic Gin & Tonic contains gin, lime juice, and tonic water. Purchase the full line here.


Spa Girl Cocktails The Perfect Sip, 4-pack

Another great low-calorie option (48 per can to be exact), Spa Girl Cocktails are ready-to-drink vodka cocktails that come in cucumber, pear, and peach. There are no artificial sweeteners or colors, and founder Karen Haines was inspired to start the brand because she wanted a fresh take on vodka martinis. Mission accomplished. Purchase the full line here.


Cutwater Spirits Mild Bloody Mary, 4-pack

Cutwater’s 12 canned cocktails come in 12 colorfully packaged flavors, including a whiskey lemon tea, vodka mule, and award-winning Bloody Mary. This distillery is the one that is considered to have paved the way for the canned cocktail movement. The appeal of Cutwater is its variety of mixes. There are so many varieties to choose from, you may never go back to a bottle. Maybe. Purchase the full line here.

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