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21 Beach Accessories Perfect for Your Next Vacation

Coveteur staffers share what they’re enjoying this summer regardless of whether they can get to the coast or not!

beach accessories
There is nothing that sounds better than the beach after having spent so many months cooped up in our homes. The sand in your toes, the sun on your skin—sounds like paradise. While not all of us have access to an actual beach, we can invoke a little creativity and simulate the beach experience on the nearest lawn, be that in your yard or a nearby park. A few beach accessories can help to deceive the mind. Grab a chic umbrella, a vintage folding chair, and your favorite wide-brimmed hat, and you’re ready to go. Make the beach a frame of mind versus a physical location.

Olivia Kenney, Creative Producer & Social Media Manager

Sunday Supply Co. Summer Deck Beach Umbrella

Full disclosure: My friends and I saw this umbrella on the beach and did a full investigation to find it online. That’s when you know! I love a long beach day. There is nothing better than being salty and crispy around 5:00 PM as the beach empties out. If you’re anything like me, though, you need a break from the sun to hold out. When I was younger, you couldn’t get me in the shade for more than 10 minutes, but now that I’m lathered in SPF 50, this umbrella is crucial to clocking my time on the sand.


Land & Sand Essentials Rattan Beach Chair The Sol Lounger

I grew up near the beach, and the only universal upgrade that the beach chair got was the Tommy Bahama backpack chair. Functional, sure, but chic? Not so much. Once I got my eyes on these incredible beach chairs, I could not settle for anything less! It’s also super comfortable and the perfect reading chair.


Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Cooler Bag

I think cooler preferences are a very weird niche element of adulthood that I certainly was not anticipating; alas, I’ve got my details down. Larger coolers with handles are obviously a dream—one that I really have tried to bring to life so many times, but honestly, if you’re with a small group of people, odds are no one wants the cooler job. This is why I have searched all over for smaller, insulated bags that have the perfect amount of space for a few snacks and plenty of drinks and are super easy to carry!


Halle Lagatta, Associate Creative Producer

Pottery Barn Classic Woven Picnic Basket, Set for 2

There’s nothing I want more than to be the subject of a Monet picnic scene. This basket does the trick to quench my thirst for a simpler, yet paradoxically more decadent time of the impressionist art scene. Now I just need to find my corset…


Jil Sander Beach Blanket

I long to be in Jil Sander head to toe. Why stop at my wardrobe, you may ask? To which I say, indeed, why stop there when I can lounge in the park or at the beach on this beautifully made, minimalistic blanket?

$650 $390

Perfecta Travel Backgammon Set

I love this set. I seriously take it everywhere I go. Why? Because backgammon is the perfect game. It’s dependent on equal parts luck and skill. Just like life, backgammon demands its players work with the luck that’s dealt to them. And nothing feels better than winning once you’ve banked on that good fortune.

$99 $59

Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor

Vada Logo Towel

I already adore Vada Jewelry, but now they’ve gone and collaborated with Tank Proof—a nonprofit organization that provides free swim lessons for kids in the Austin area—and created this gorgeous checkered towel. Cute beach accessory, good cause—the best summer purchase you can make.


Bold Dots Jean Rose Gold Titanium Sunglasses

I’m super picky with sunnies—they have to be as comfortable as they are stylish, and they also can’t cost me an arm and a leg since I inevitably lose them. This pair hits all the marks. I actually own them in two different colorways, so that should be proof enough that they’re worthwhile.


FrenchBaskets Handmade Straw Bag

As much as I love the signature Loewe basket bag, my current budget won’t allow me to splurge on it right now. This handmade style is just as chic and will easily hold all of my beach beauty essentials.


Leya Kaufman, Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships

Emporio Armani Oversized Cat-eye Sunglasses

There’s just something about oversized frames that instantaneously elevates my beach day confidence. I love how these cat-eye shades add a touch of classic Hollywood glam to my summer style.


Ipanema Wave Heart Flip Flops

I used to find it somewhat impossible to feel fashionable in flip-flops—until I discovered Ipanema. The brand has a seemingly endless collection of 100 percent recyclable, eclectic sandals at an accessible price point. Ipanema is also transparent about their sustainability efforts, use of recycled materials, and commitment to the environment. So lately, I’m all about these hearts.


Fendi Hair Elastics

I religiously wrap all of my hair back in a bun on top of my head before I hit the sand. It’s the only way I can look put together and avoid a tangle of windswept wet waves. I’m forever thankful for scrunchies.


Camille Freestone, Writer

Vehla Bowie Sunglasses

I could not possibly go to the beach—let alone anywhere outside in the summer—without a fun pair of sunglasses. I am loving the minimalist wire frame on this pair right now. It instantly elevates a super-casual beach look.


Hereu Cala Large Leather-trimmed Canvas Tote

I always end up bringing way too much stuff to the beach, which means I need a bag that is up to the challenge. This one may be slightly out of my budget these days, but a girl can dream, right?


The Inside Cabana Chair

Whether you are lounging on the beach or catching some sun in your backyard, a beach chair is key for long-term comfort. This vintage style is definitely gaining traction, and it’s so much more fun than the typical ones you can buy at a grocery store.


Jacquelyn Greenfield, Editorial Production Fellow

Business & Pleasure Co. The Premium Beach Tent

The last time I went to the beach, I rented a cabana, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Umbrellas just won’t cut it under the hot Florida sun. This beach tent will keep me cool all day long.


Society 6 Classic Palm Leaves Tropical Jungle Green Sling Chair

Sling chairs are my absolute favorite. I’m pretty tall, so normal, small ground beach chairs just don’t work for me. This chair offers amazing recline without being too low to the ground. It’s a win, win!

$149 $119

Serena & Lily Mallorca Beach Towel

Nothing says classic beach day quite like a striped beach towel.


Alex Bair, Senior Manager of Sales and Brand Partnerships

Janessa Leoné Felix

If there’s one thing that instantly completes my beach look, it’s a brimmed hat. I’ve had my eye on this one from Janessa Leoné since the beginning of the summer. It’s the perfect size, has a bucket-hat feel, and is foldable, so it is super easy to fit into any bag or suitcase without risking its shape.


Loewe Medium Leather-trimmed Woven Raffia Tote

When it comes to beach prep, I somehow always end up being the transporter of everyone’s belongings, be it various books, drinks, sunglasses, or sunscreens. That said, a big straw tote is crucial. I particularly love the classic style of Loewe’s Raffia Tote and signature label in white. It’s pricey for a beach bag, but I find it works just as well as a summer travel or everyday bag because it is so transitional by nature.


Brooklinen Hammam Beach Blanket

Brooklinen will always and forever be one of my favorite shops for at-home basics (their bedding is undoubtedly the best I’ve ever owned). So when I discovered this beach blanket, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. I love that it doubles as a towel, too!

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