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Chriselle Lim on Social Media’s Impact on Fashion

And how she’s having so much fun on TikTok.

Chriselle Lim is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. She began as one of what many call the “OG fashion bloggers” and has since garnered over a million followers on Instagram. These days, amidst her signature street-style shots and perfectly styled mirror selfies, you’ll find elaborate and hilarious TikTok videos of Lim under her new persona of “Your Rich Mom.” Her two adorable daughters make quite a few appearances, as well.

The fashion industry is slowly shedding its veil of perfection, and TikTok seems to be giving it an extra shove in that direction. Lim has embraced that mentality and found TikTok as a way to break the boundaries of what fashion content should look like and to engage with a new follower set. We caught up with the style influencer to discuss the difference between Instagram and TikTok, how she has adapted her approach to content, and how much fun shes having on this new platform.

What has it been like transitioning from Instagram to TikTok?

“I downloaded TikTok just for fun and did not anticipate for it to take off like it did. There was definitely a learning curve to it, and I was utterly confused at first! But once I learned the basics, I just had fun with it! I didn’t take myself too seriously and posted content where I was able to laugh at myself.”

How would you describe the type of content you put out on TikTok?

“It’s a mixture of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and humor! I think the content that performs the best for me are the personality-driven ones like Rich Mom. My TikTok audience created this persona for me called Your Rich Mom—she’s fabulous and teaches her kids important life lessons.”

What is the biggest difference between TikTok and other forms of social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.)?

“It’s personality driven, and it’s democratizing content. It doesn’t matter who you are—celebrity, influencer, or neither. If you put out good content, it will be seen no matter the size of your following. Good content is good content. It pushes you to be creative and think outside of the box.”

How is your approach to content creation different between TikTok and Instagram?

“My Instagram style has been changing slightly since TikTok has been influencing me to think of content in different ways on all platforms. My approach to content creation on TikTok is different every day, and I love that. Sometimes I’ll participate in trends and hashtags, other days I’ll just be funny and be Rich Mom for the day. Other days I’ll just do a beauty tutorial. I love that I have the freedom to try different things and experiment.”

Does the thought that TikTok’s audience is much younger affect what you put out?

“Yes! My audience on TikTok is hungry to learn! They call me their mom on TikTok, and I strangely have this weird connection with them. I feel like I have the responsibility to teach them to be good humans—everything from teaching them business etiquette to obvious life lessons.”

Instagram is often known for its portrayal of perfection. Do you think the same notion applies to TikTok, or is it a more relatable platform?

“Yes and no. I think Instagram is slightly changing, as well. Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve shown the imperfections of my life and my home on IG, and people really appreciate that. It’s the same on TikTok. One day I’ll tell them about my fabulous trip to Paris for fashion week, but I’ll also show them my flaws and weaknesses, and they appreciate that. Authenticity is authenticity no matter which platform it’s on. People will always appreciate that.”

Have brands shifted their approach when it comes to partnerships? Are they as interested in working with you via TikTok as they are via Instagram?

“I think brands are starting to become more open. I’ve had a number of partnerships on TikTok that were incredibly successful. The reach goes far beyond what I normally would on Instagram, but I think brands are still figuring out how to effectively use TikTok, not only for their own brand, but also working with creators like myself on there.”

Do you see a difference in your followers between Instagram and TikTok in terms of demographic, engagement, etc.?

“Yes; my TikTok audience is a lot younger, and they are EXCITED AND SUPPPPPPER ENGAGED! They are the types of people that will discover me on TikTok and then find me on IG and comment on every post I put up, then find me on YouTube and watch every video I have made. They are engaged, active, and incredibly supportive!”

How did you come up with the persona of Your Rich Mom?  Do you think it helps to create a character when producing for TikTok?

“My TikTok audience created that persona for me. My videos started to take off when the movie Parasite came out, and everyone was saying ‘Oh, you look like the rich mom from Parasite.’ Then one day while I was in Paris for fashion week, someone posted about my TikTok video on Twitter, and it went super viral. This girl said, ‘I follow this rich mom on TikTok, and she has the best outfits.’ From that day forward, these kids on TikTok and Twitter have been calling me Your Rich Mom! It’s really cute because they will message me and ask me questions like I’m their real mom. ‘Hey Mom, I got into a fight with my boyfriend. What do you think I should do?’ Et cetera, et cetera.”

Have you been able to have a little more fun with your content on TikTok?

“Yes, 1,000,000 percent—I’m having the time of my life!”

Top photo: Courtesy of Chriselle Lim

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