menswear staples

Why You Should Be Investing in Menswear This Summer

Add some intrigue to your warm-weather wardrobe.

By: Camille Freestone
Graphic: Rachel Pickus

It’s safe to say that quite a few menswear items make up the backbone of our wardrobes these days—and for good reason. Clothing designed for men is often far less complex than women’s and also not as reliant on trends. When you invest in a menswear item, it typically has exponential staying power.

Blurring the lines of gender is what makes fashion exciting. When you reflect on women with incredible style, you find that they often pair seemingly unlike pieces together in captivating ways. Their wardrobes have a healthy mix of clothing that falls everywhere on the spectrum from the ultra-feminine to sleek and masculine—all styled accordingly. Perhaps it’s as simple as layering a blazer over a paper-thin silk camisole. Maybe it’s just donning a pair of loafers with a flirtatious midi-dress, or even try tucking a frilly blouse into a pair of tailored shorts. It’s a game of mix-and-match, so ahead, we’ve rounded up five categories of summer-minded menswear staples to shake up your typical seasonal shopping habits.

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