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Discover the Magic of This Crystal-Filled Nolita Space

The founder of Reset on mindfulness, Wishbone chairs, and why you need a focus crystal on your desk.

By: Bibi Deitz

The first thing I noticed about Reset was the thoughtful interior design. Reset is a very special space in Nolita that combines executive career coaching—generally considered very left-brain—with ancient practices, including sound meditation, breathwork, and astrology, which all have more right-brain vibes.

Unlike some career-focused spaces that might take their cues from the corporate world, stepping into the floor-through space feels like stepping into your coolest friend’s apartment. For example, the stools in the studio are a collaboration between designer Bode and furniture and interior designers Green River Project LLC, both cooler-than-thou downtown brands that manage to temper their hipness with a refreshing down-to-earth quality.

I discovered Reset last year, when founder Liz Tran invited me in to experience an astrology reading in her brand-new space. In this wellness-obsessed culture we’ve found ourselves in, it should come as no surprise that mindfulness and other spiritual-based practices have (finally) infiltrated the workweek, but Tran approaches all of this with a delightful sense of groundedness—and a twinkle in her eye. (She also gives an amazing reading of the stars, though she has stopped doing one-on-one sessions, mostly because her executive coaching work has been so productive.)

Tran, who has led workshops for corporate teams including Facebook, Instagram, Viacom, Outdoor Voices, and Anne Taylor in the space, says the connection between mindfulness and corporate life has become legibly stronger as time goes on. “It’s been a wonderful surprise to see just how much interest we get from companies and to see the culture of work really changing,” Tran tells us.

Perhaps a healthy part of the magic of Reset’s physical space is the abundant crystals, which range from an 800-pound smoky quartz from Madagascar to a delicate collection of sparkling crystals floating on dainty shelves. “I always have what I call a ‘focus crystal’ on my desk,” Tran says. “When I am about to dig into a meaty project, I’ll hold the crystal while I meditate and set my intention to focus and connect to my deep well of knowledge and creativity. Then I place the crystal right in front of me. When the crystal is on my desk, I know that it’s time to focus, no matter what.”

If you’re based in New York, do yourself a favor and, uh, reset at Reset. From a weekend-long “urban retreat” featuring deep meditation, yoga, movement, breath work, astrology, and fresh, healthy meals, to an astrology and Feng Shui workshop to help you design “strategies and rituals for the home to help manifest goodness in your life,” the space is teeming with opportunities for literal and figurative pause. And if you live elsewhere, Tran has created online workshops with intriguing titles like “Meditation for Mood” and “Get Paid: A Money Manifestation Class for Women.”

Click through to discover Reset’s space and the gems therein—and when we say “gems,” we mean that quite literally.


“The chair was made by Green River Project LLC, and that is a 300-pound rose quartz by the front desk. Rose quartz is known for its ‘heart-opening’ properties, which we felt were apropos for the entryway. The studio is filled with crystals because I wanted Reset to feel like an escape from the city. We live in such an artificial world in New York City—everything is synthetic or manufactured. So we wanted to counteract this by filling Reset with materials that are pulled straight from the earth with very little alteration. Even though we are located right in the heart of Nolita, it truly feels like an oasis, because we have so much calming crystal and wood in the space. And, of course, crystals are powerful for cleaning energy. With New York City filled with so much stress and anxiety, we brought in a lot of dark crystals to absorb negative energy and lighter crystals to magnify positive energy.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“The stool and daybed are designed by Green River Project LLC, and the door was custom-made by them. It is this really substantial six-foot-wide mahogany door that pivots open. This daybed creates a lovely nook for reading books from our library while you are waiting for a workshop to begin.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“When we were looking for inspiration for Reset, we visited the home of landscape architect James Rose, where there is a mosaic made up of thousands of tiny tile pieces, each one placed by visitors to the house. I wanted to create the same for Reset. I wanted each person who comes to leave behind a physical symbol of their presence. Reset only exists because of our incredible community, so we wanted everyone to literally contribute to the building of it. I chose to use shells for our mural instead of tile, because of my love of the ocean, and because I happened to have a pretty incredible shell collection that I have accrued over many years from beaches around the world.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“This copper and lacquered wood daybed from Green River Project LLC is my favorite in the whole studio. The table and chairs are both original Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs from the 1960s. The art is from one of my favorite artists, Richard Kostelanetz, who shaped the culture of the 1970s. The bookshelf is modeled after the shelves at Mast Books in the East Village. That’s where I keep the books I am currently inspired by, as well as palo santo and candles.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“We built benches all around the perimeter of the studio, inspired by Quaker meeting rooms. The crystal in the center of the room is an 800-pound smoky quartz from Madagascar that I purchased at the world’s largest gem and mineral show in Arizona. It came to New York via freight truck, and it took four art handlers to get it up the stairs. They were not happy about this job! These stools are a collaboration by Green River Project LLC and Bode, a sustainable fashion brand that repurposes antique textiles. The upholstery that they chose for these stools is African country cloth.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“My favorite crystal is labradorite, which is known for bringing magic into your life. I have a lot of labradorite around, and I have to say, I think it works, given how magically Reset has unfolded! Right now, I also love malachite. It is a deep-green color that reminds me of the forest. I can’t function if I’m away from nature for too long, so malachite helps me reconnect to the earth when I don’t have time to get out of the city. The best way to choose crystals is to use your intuition. Pay attention to which stones you are drawn to, and hold them in your palm for 30 seconds. Your gut will tell you which ones you need. Crystals need regular cleansing and charging, so once a month, leave them under the light of the full moon.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“Along with the giant smoky quartz in the main studio, I also got these crystals at the Tucson gem and mineral show in Arizona. It is this crazy experience, with thousands of vendors distributed throughout parking lots, warehouses, and convention centers. It’s the largest gem show in the entire world, and many of these vendors make the bulk of their revenue during the two weeks of the show. The most incredible thing is that there are no prices listed for anything. The dealers size you up and quote a price based on how naive they think you are. My fiancé, who doesn’t smoke normally, bought a couple packs of Marlboro Reds so he could fit in with the crystal dealers and negotiate the best prices for me. It was hilarious and so much fun.”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset

“The library is divided into several different knowledge areas. About half of our books fall into professional development—topics like negotiating, giving feedback, and starting a company—and the other half are about holistic growth subjects like astrology, Reiki, and a section we named ‘The Path Back.’ These are all books that I have read over the four-year journey to leave my corporate career and to take a risk on my dream. I would have never started Reset if not for the wisdom that these books hold!”

Photo: Courtesy of Reset