bag handle details

It’s Handled: This Overlooked Bag Detail Is Getting Major Attention

Grab on to this.

By: Victoria Ontman
Photography: Paige Campbell Linden

When looking for a new bag to add to the repertoire, sometimes you’ll find yourself seeking out specifics: a sleek black number for easy neutrality, or a lofty carryall for shlepping all your essentials to and from the office. Other times, it’s simply love at first sight, courtesy of utterly striking design or investment-worthy craftsmanship that’ll certainly outlive its cost.

The latest detail to get a little extra attention happens to also be one of the most functional ones. Lately, there’s been a slew of bags proving the oft-forgot-about handle can be more than just a utility element. Instead of being a serviceable afterthought, it’s at the forefront of design. Take, for example, Frenzlauer’s vibrant fuchsia shoulder strap which takes us back to the days of elementary-school paper chains, or Area’s mirrored metallic leather looped into an oversize knot. With everything from eye-catching acrylic touches to strings of beads, these 13 options are venturing into creative territory. Get a handle on them now.

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