How to Recalibrate Your Sleep Routine in 2020

Get a handle on your z’s once and for all.

reset sleep routine

Endless iCal invites to holiday parties and rushed deadlines as the year comes to an end have thrown your already not-so-perfect sleep schedule into a tailspin. Which means now more than ever is the time to get a handle on your sleep routine so you’ll have a restful and healthy new year. With only a few manageable tweaks to your habits, you can recalibrate your sleep pattern—just read below.

Easy-Up Your Schedule

When you’re running at warp speed, it’s hard to wind down your body and mind at the end of the day. If possible, try to clear your schedule of unnecessary tasks and give yourself time to chill throughout the day. Once you’re close to bedtime, your body will be calibrated to a more restful state so sleep will come easy.

No Screens Once and for All

We could wax poetic (like everyone else!) about ridding the bedroom of screens. It can be difficult, but the proof is in the pudding that blue screens stimulate the eyes and brain, making it more difficult to taper off into zs.

Eat Early & Healthily

Postmates may be on auto-order for 8:00 PM, but the earlier and healthier you eat, the more time your body has to properly digest your meals. Plus, your blood sugar levels will stabilize by the time you climb into bed.


We’re not the first to say it (heck, we’ve written about it multiple times), but now is the time to really get into meditation. Aside from the benefits of making sleep easier and deeper, it also has a plethora of other brain function and health benefits.

Try a Sunrise Alarm

Now that you’ve left your phone outside your room, you need to invest in a real alarm clock. One that mimics the rising sun taps into your body’s natural biorhythm and the circadian system, which results in a gradual wake-up in lieu of the dreaded alarm.


It’s time to relinquish the idea that pushing through your tiredness means you’re working harder and doing more. Take the time to listen to your body—if it’s telling you it needs rest, rest. No guilt here.

Weighted Blanket

The DPT (deep pressure touch) of a weighted blanket has been found to ease anxiety and improve sleep quality in insomniacs. Maybe it can help you!

No Caffeine Past 3:00 PM

That 3:00 PM slump is a doozy, which is why we tend to caffeinate midday. However, loading up on cups of coffee or caffeinated beverages can send your senses buzzing, especially if they haven’t had time to fizzle off. Once the clock strikes 3:00 PM, swap to water or herbal tea. 

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