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The Most Magical Places in the World to Elope

Where just you and your S.O. will say “I do.”

The most refreshing thing about wedding trends and traditions these days is that they run the gamut from big, fat, and steeped in culture and religion to untraditional, small, and in far-flung locales, and everything in between. They’re all wonderful and special. When it comes to taking those experiences to a magical level and discovering unique destinations that will make you audibly gasp, Mahla Pourshamsa, founder of The Eventeur, is the one to have on speed dial. Here we asked her to flip through her secret black book of destinations around the world that are perfect for you and your S.O. to elope and make it official official.

Yelapa, Mexico

At Verana

elope magical places Photo: Courtesy of Verana
“I love this handmade hotel. It’s accessible via the last port outside Puerto Vallarta, a boat ride across the bay, and a trek up the mountain, which brings you to ultimate seclusion. You’ll be amongst treehouses, design lofts, a treasure of a library over a cliff, and the most magnificent mountain views resembling South East Asia. The perfect spot to spend special moments with your hunny.”


At X’tan Ha

elope magical places Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.com/@travelismyeverything
“I often say if I had any amount of money to go anywhere in the world, I’d choose Belize over and over again. X’tan Ha, specifically, is located on some of the best strip of the beach in Ambergris Caye, where you can walk for what feels like miles before the water barely goes above your ankles. Ever dreamed of an elopement mid-water with your toes in warm Caribbean sand? This is it.”

Tulum, Mexico

At Cenote Escondido

“Tulum is an eloping couple’s paradise. Why not begin your adventure together with the spiritual Mayan ritual of being introduced to the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air)? And the location’s name says it all (escondido means hidden). This hidden underwater cave is the perfect location for the most mystical Mayan ceremony of all.”

Bali, Indonesia

At Alila Uluwatu

elope magical places Photo: Courtesy of Alila Uluwatu
“If a six-star cliff existed, this would be it! Wall-less yet private villas with individual pools and a world-class spa makes this location the ultimate luxury elopement destination with all the bells and whistles.”


At Uyuni Salt Flats

“Why not begin the biggest journey of your life together with an adventurous trip to Uyuni? An otherworldly sky mirror at sunset or stargazing at sunrise are both the perfect times.”

Top photo: Courtesy of Instagram.com/@anacarapeto_

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