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The 10 Best New Health & Wellness Products to Take Into 2020

From temperature-controlling blankets to full-moon-soaked rose quartz incense.

By: Noah Lehava

We have a holiday present for you! It’s probably coming as no surprise, but hey, not all great things are unexpected. As the year rounds up and we enter a fresh new decade, we’re rounding up the health products we’re loving right now and bringing along into 2020.


Amazon FireTV Cube x Peloton, $120

The Peloton mom might be opting for gin over stationary bikes these days, but the cult following of at-home cycling enthusiasts is still going strong. And now they have an option to upgrade their experience with Amazon Fire TV’s collab, which lets you link up your streaming right to your TV for peak experience.

Goli Gummies, $19

For some of us, it’s the eternal struggle: you can’t stand the smell or taste of apple cider vinegar but want to reap all those incredible health benefits. Well, Goli packed all the benefits of ACV into a vegan, organic, sweet little gummy. Pop two for the equivalent of one shot of ACV.

P Volve p.3 Trainer, $70

If your resolve is to extend your health routine to your travel routine, p.3 trainer is key. It packs so tight you can fit it in a carry-on, so no excuses.

Sandoval Clear Aromatic Incense, $45

Looking for a way to amp up your incense experience? How about lavender, desert sage, and California blue sage that’s been wrapping a full-moon-bathed rose quartz crystal?

Theragun G3, $399

By now you’ve likely heard of or tried the Theragun. The next gen is sleeker and more packable.

Embr Labs Temperature Control Bracelet, $249

Did we just end the battle of the thermostat? Technically, Embr Labs did. Their warming and cooling bracelet lets you control your own personal temp at the office or at home and everywhere in between.

Kate McLeod Daily Body Stone, $45

Winter is upon us, which means skin is screaming for moisture. Kate McLeod’s body stone brings moisture in a whole new form.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3, $499

We’ve talked ad nauseam about our love for an infrared sauna. And with Higher Dose’s latest iteration of their sauna blanket, you can do it while you binge Succession.

Food 52 Original V60 Pour Over Dripper, $26

Coffee is an important food group in our world, and it’s become a ritual. So when we hear about a product that makes our caffeine taste even better, we jump on it.

Hegu Acupuncture Rings, $55

These nifty acupuncture rings help elevate those nagging headaches without having to book an appointment at the spa.

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