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7 All-Over Toning Ballet Moves

Do these while binge-watching Netflix.

7 All-Over Toning Ballet Moves
Weston Wells
We have a pretty vested interest in becoming as strong and flexible as ballerinas. Plus everything else that encompasses being such a graceful athlete. It’s pretty evident by the sheer fact that we’ve interviewed prima ballerinas on everything from what they *really* eat in a day (twice!) to how they warm up, stretch, and tone, all in hopes of becoming a ~hint~ of one ourselves. Nothing’s changed. Which is why we had American Ballet Theatre dancer Katie Boren show us her favorite barre exercises to tone your abs, butt, and legs. Here’s to becoming more graceful, one plié at a time.


Move 1:

Grand Plié

“Keep your body in alignment, and slowly bend the knees while keeping your heels on the floor for as long as possible. Then straighten your legs and return to first position. This move is great for your thighs and butt!”

Move 2:

Single-Leg Relevé

“Standing on one leg, slowly raise and lower your heel, engaging your calf and butt.”

Move 3:

Band Stretch

“This exercise is used to increase flexibility and extension.”

Move 4:

Stretch on the Barre

“With one leg placed on the barre in à la Seconde, bend the body towards and away from the leg. This move stretches your hamstrings and the sides of your body.”

Move 5:


“In French, échappé means to escape. Starting from fifth position, slide both feet equally out to second position. Make sure that the feet never lose contact with the floor.”

Move 6:

Middle Split

“Extend your legs out to the side, and reach your hands to your toes.”

Move 7:

Plank Hip Dips

“Starting in plank position, dip your hips side to side, trying to reach the floor each time. This is great for the core and obliques!”

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