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8 Total-Body Exercises You Can Do with Only 2 Accessories

Sarah Jessica Parker’s trainer, Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion, shows us the best moves to tone with only a ball and elastic band.

8 Total-Body Exercises You Can Do with Only 2 Accessories
Ever since our Google Calendar pinged us those four momentous words“first day of fall”we’ve resolved to maintaining our soon-to-be purely slow-cooker-fed physiques in summer shape. We asked Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT in Motion, to show us some muscle-burning total-body moves to get us ready for the months indoors. Here are eight exercises she uses with her clients, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, and Sofia Vergara (to name a few), which you can do in your living room.


Move 1:

Coupe to Arabesque

Start standing on your left foot, and extend your right foot behind you, testing your balance. Then, bring your right foot in to tap your left ankle without touching the floor, testing your balance. Repeat 20x and then switch sides.

Move 2:


Start in a squat facing front, with your left elbow bent into your left side and your right arm reaching overhead to the left side. Then, transfer your weight to your right foot as you switch the arms and bring the right hand to tap the sole of your left foot. Repeat 20x and then switch sides.

Move 3:

Romanian V Lift

Start in a curtsy position with your arms extended overhead, your weight on your right foot, and your left foot crossed behind, ball of the foot on the floor. Keep the weight on your right foot and hinge forward at the waist, keeping your arms by your ears until they touch the ground. Reverse and come back to standing. You should feel this burning out your back and your entire right leg. Fifteen slow reps, then repeat other side.

Move 4:

Tricep Burnout

Place your shins on a physio ball and your hands on the ground in a plank position. Rotate your elbows forward to get your forearms parallel. Then pulse the elbows down 4” and straighten. Repeat 30x without breaking your plank form.

Move 5:

Ab Roller

Start by kneeling on your right knee, supporting yourself on your right hand, and extending your left leg to the side, resting your shin on the physio ball and extending your left arm overhead. Bend your left knee into your abs as you contract your core and bring your left arm to the knee.

Move 6:

Seated Twist

Take a seat with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Tuck your pelvis into a C-curve position and press the heel of your hand into your knees, while pressing your knees into your hands to engage your entire abdominal wall. Maintain this hold. Now, slowly open your left arm to the side and twist your torso to follow, pulling your navel closer to your spine. Return to your starting position and repeat right side. Thats one rep. Continue for 10 reps.

Move 7:

Downward V Press

Starting in a downward V position, lift your right leg up to the ceiling. Maintaining this position, bend your elbows out to the side, and bring the top of your head to touch the floor. Press the arms straight. Continue for 10 slow reps and then repeat with the other leg up.

Move 8:

Theraband Pull

Start by standing on the end of the theraband with your left foot and wrapping the other end around your right hand until you feel tension between the foot and your hand. Then, pull your right elbow up with your right hand at your armpit, like you are starting a lawn mower. This movement should be a quick one-count. Then take a slow three-count to extend the arm back down toward your foot. Repeat 20x. Then left.

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