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How 6 Fashion Girls Stay Friends

It’s actually *not* the cattiest industry!

How 6 Fashion Girls Stay Friends

As we get older—whether that means moving out post-college and landing our first legit job, or finally learning how to do our own taxes (meh)—there’s no denying that things change. More specifically, the way we approach friendship as adults is not the same as, say, when you shared a dorm room with your BFF. As newfound responsibilities rack up and life throws you unexpected curveballs, it definitely becomes harder to maintain meaningful and lasting friendships—especially within the fast-paced world of fashion.

Though that certainly doesn’t mean it can’t happen! And we’ve got proof: Three pairs of fashion besties spill the tea on how to have and uphold a healthy, happy relationship with your best friend—despite being busy adulting and everything. After you read this, do us a favor and text your best bud.

Danielle Prescod & Amelia Diamond

How to create a lasting relationship:

“Almost all of my adult friends are industry friends, and while it is fun to hang out with people that ‘get it,’ fashion can be pretty fake. I’ve been burned a few times by people I considered friends, and I think it’s like with any other friendship: You have to really suss people out and make sure you’re creating natural and organic connections.” —Danielle Prescod

“Everyone doesn’t have to be your BEST friend right away. Create steady, friendly professional relationships, and then begin to figure out who you really want to know beyond the workplace and who you think you can trust. A good way of figuring this out is by asking yourself: Would I want to hang out with this person if we met in a cave and lived on a remote island? Do they make me laugh/happy/do they support me? Are they real? Are they honest? And then you have to be a great friend back to those people, too. It’s a two-way street.” —Amelia Diamond

The most important friendship traits:

“Loyalty and empathy and saying ‘you have a booger in your nose’ in a discreet manner.” —AD

On maintaining friendship despite being busy:

“Prioritize. I always prioritize seeing people that I know are guaranteed fun over something work-related, especially now. I don’t really need to be at every party or event. Amelia and I also really have to find the most random times to hang out. I have gone to her riding lessons and sat with her while she’s gotten her hair done. She’s come to my ballet classes and to watch me try on clothes. It’s weird, but it works.” —DP

“I think I’m bad at this. But what helps is explaining why you’re going MIA. Like, ‘Hey, crazy week (or month). I love you so much. I will FaceTime the shit out of you on Sunday for a life recap.’ This sounds so lame but @ing friends on Insta JUST to let them know you’re thinking of them in the most millennial way possible is a nice little note, like, ‘Can’t text, can’t chat, can’t even comment, but here: a dog who looks like you in a good way.’” —AD

Brie Welch & Megan Bowman Gray

How to stay friends in a competitive industry:

“This industry quickly showed me that friendships are not always based on proximity or how often you see one another. Our industry is not only competitive, but also extremely time-consuming, so you always have to show up and make time. I have been fortunate to have a group of friends where we are all supportive and happy for one another’s successes. We try to work together as much as possible. I don’t think any of us could do it without one another; this is why I have The Vernacular with Patty Lu.” —Megan Bowman Gray

How to make friends:

“Don’t be fake—in life, in friendships. The best way to stay friends is to actually connect and share, generally over drinks. Make plans, and then keep making plans because more than likely you’ll be attending many of the same appointments for years to come.” —Brie Welch

The magic friendship ingredients:

“Communication and empathy...and dancing.” —BW

“The most important aspects of any friendship for me [are] loyalty and honesty, and we have to laugh constantly.” —MBG

The best part of being friends:

“Being around Megan’s wonderfully infectious personality. We’ve been friends for 10+ years, and I’m constantly inspired by her and constantly wanting to see her more. She’s brilliant, and anyone would be lucky to count her as a friend.” —BW

“Brie immediately makes you laugh or smile the moment you see her. She has an effervescent energy that you want to bottle up and take with you. I’ve been lucky enough to know Brie since we started college together in California. I’ve been able to create memories with her that span over 10 years and will last a lifetime. We’ve grown up together, and I’m incredibly lucky to call her my friend—plus she’s always dancing!” —MBG

Mara Hoffman & Pamela Love

On having friends in the industry:

“I think it can be hard at times. But I have a crew of friends in the industry that I am extremely tight with, and we support each other like family—I’m very grateful for that, and lately I’ve made a bunch of new close friends, all jewelry designers too—which has been so wonderful.” —Pamela Love

And staying friends even when there’s literally no time:

“It’s important to have friendships with people that understand your lifestyle and aren’t hurt when you have a lot going on. There should be a mutual understanding of one another’s schedules. No matter how much time has passed, you should always be able to pick right up where you left off.” —Mara Hoffman

“Sometimes I get so busy that someone has to remind me to do basic things like eat, pay my phone bill, brush my hair, etc. So I would be lying if I said I was amazing at this—but the sign of a really good friendship is one that can pick up right where you left off, even if a long time has passed. Also, having the patience and understanding of each other’s busy lives, but to always be available when the other needs you and to really come through for them.” —PL

The best part of their friendship:

“I think we have a bond that’s partly based on an understanding of what our lives are like. We’re aware of what it takes to do what we do and get to where we want to go, and all the stresses, insecurities, wins, and losses that it come​s​ with. We are different in a lot of ways, but have kindred spirits. We challenge the other one, and I think we hold each other up to high standards. I’ve always admired Pam’s integrity and the way she runs her business with such a high level of consciousness. I think she is an amazing role model and human.” —MH

“I think of us as magnets. When we are around each other, everything just automatically clicks—even if a long time has passed, we can pick up the same joke like we thought of it yesterday. We laugh a lot—even when stuff is hard. I really feel like we are family. People sometimes confuse us for each other. I like that.” —PL
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