exercise moves that will make you limber

5 Exercises That Will Make You So Limber, You’ll Backbend as a Party Trick

And will strengthen and tone, too.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

Lately we’ve grown tired of the standard sit-up and push-up exercise routine, and so have our bodies, which means it’s time to switch things up, and, you know, kick it up a notch. We went to Lauren Brunt, head coach at New Yorkbased training gym Will Space to create a workout for us that not only targets those smaller muscles and connective structures, but keeps us interested from warm-up to cool-down. Follow along with us below.



Move #1

Rotational Backbend

“Rotate from a deep squat position into a backbend. Then back into the deep squat.”



Move #2

Elevated Pancake Good Morning

“This move is a hip hinge from a center oversplit on stretch blocks. Touch the chest to the ground, and return upright, maintaining a flat back.”



Move #3

Lizard Push-Up

“From a lizard lunge, do a single-arm rotational push-up. This move challenges different systems in the body than a standard push-up.”


Move #4

Cossack Squat with Internal Rotation

“Do a side squat from a standing straddle position. It’s a full hip range of motion. Sit on the ground, internally rotate the bent-leg hip, and return to a standing position.”


Move #5

Tripod Pike Pull

“From a tripod headstand, tap your toes to the ground in a straight-leg pike position. Then return to a pike and lift to the headstand.”


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