A Boxing & Yoga Routine That Checks All the Workout Boxes

Seven moves to get you strong, fast, and toned.

boxing and yoga workout routine
Balance is key, which is why a workout that pairs the high intensity of boxing with the focused strength and calm mind of yoga seems so perfect. Olivia Young, founder of the NYC boxing-cum-yoga studio Box + Flow thinks so too, and has thus based her entire career around the concept. She also created this total-body-and-mind workout for us below.

Box + Flow is all about balance, strength and softness, fight and flow, resistance and ease. The movements demonstrated are to bring your heart rate up, integrate your whole body, heat you up without needing the extra equipment.

“Get in your boxing stance: left foot forward, right foot back, and hands by your face. Always protect your face.”

Move #1


boxing and yoga workout routine
“Your first punch is your jab. Extend your left fist forward, twisting the wrist at the top to hit with your first two knuckles. Make sure to hold your belly into your spine. Complete a full extension of your arm to push your opponent away as you open your hip.”

Move #2


boxing and yoga workout routine
“This is your power punch. Your right arm extends as your right (back) foot pivots. Twist at your hips to engage your core, and use your legs to create power as you punch with your back hand.”

Move #3

Hook Right/Left Side

boxing and yoga workout routine
“Think of this move like you’re driving a bus or stirring a pot. Focus on hugging your belly button to your spine and pivoting your front foot and back foot as you punch with your right and left arms. Your impact and power comes from your legs and your core.”

Move #4

Uppercut Speed

boxing and yoga workout routine
“Think of a shimmying here. With your belly in, get low in your legs and roll your shoulders as your hands create a flurry—swivel your hips, soften your shoulders and knit your ribs together— making a circle towards your body.”

Move #5

Uppercut Power

boxing and yoga workout routine
“This move is all in the hips! Dip low, and lean towards your front leg as you hug your belly in. Using your hips, pop an uppercut with an upward movement of your arm as if you are lifting something up from your fist. Now lean back and use your other hand. The power here drives from your hips, legs, and core.”

Move #6

Downward Dog to High Plank

boxing and yoga workout routine
“Start with your fingers spread wide and your palms pressed into the mat. Soften your shoulders down your back, push your belly toward your spine, and squeeze your thigh muscles to the bones in your legs. On your inhale, roll forward to high plank, hugging your belly in and lengthening your legs. When you get to high plank, press your heels back and lengthen your head long, keeping your neck soft. Squeeze into your core, integrate your muscles. Feel your abs start to fire up!”

Move #7

Leap Frogs from Downward-Facing Dog

boxing and yoga workout routine
“From downward dog, bend your knees low, suck your belly in, and launch up with your feet connected in a diamond shape. You can also do this as a tuck jump with your knees together. The purpose of this is to get upside down! Switch your perspective, do not be afraid to jump. Your feet must be flexed, keep your belly in tight, arms locked out straight, and fingers spread wide while keeping the weight in the palms of your hands.”

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