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March 2019 Horoscopes: Capricorn


March 2019 Horoscopes: Capricorn
Hannah Becker

Ever ambitious, ever stoic, ever poised. No matter what industry you are in, Capricorn, you are the icon of achievement and success. This month both sun and moon urge you to communicate. Not your natural state to be chatty, but you will feel the urge to share your ideas and your words with others more so than usual. Use language as a tool to connect with people. Engage, think, jot notes. Maybe remember a quote or two that influences you and the way you want to move forward. Everything a Capricorn does is with purpose, so even in your everyday dalliances, you can connect the dots. Talk to your neighbors and also your siblingsβ€”you never know what gems can be discovered by a bit of information exchanged. Maybe an idea for a new business venture!Β 

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