In My Bag: Everything Jourdana Phillips Carries Around for a Crazy-Fresh Glow

Plus, she figures out her favorite eyeliner isn’t actually an eyeliner.

Daniella Deutsch, Meagan Wilson
Tim Buol
Brenton Diallo, Makeup: Kelli J. Bartlett
It’s pretty refreshing to know that a three-time Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model is just as fixated on looking more awake as we are. “I know I like to sleep late,” she says. “So if it’s more than a 10-minute routine, it’s not going to happen.” In our deep dive into her makeup bag, Jourdana Phillips showed us her favorite concealer, highlighter, and mascara—which she *insists* is the number one secret to looking more awake—among the rest of her all-time favorite products. Spoiler alert: She likes Fenty just as much as we do, her favorite mascara is a straight-up drugstore favorite, and she really likes to sleep in. Victoria’s Secret models… They’re (kinda? sorta?) just like us. Watch the video above to see her entire bag of secrets, and click through below to shop them all.

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