I’ve Been Working with a Life Coach, and I’ve Never Felt Better

I’ve Been Working with a Life Coach, and I’ve Never Felt Better

Here’s what she’s taught me.

Meagan Wilson
Until recently, the idea of a life coach seemed, well…kind of crazy. But then I met Heather White—a life coach who’s made it her job to help women upgrade their dreams and lead courageous lives” (coincidentally, she’s armed with a black belt in jiu-jitsu). Could a life coach take me to new heights with my career, relationships, and goals? Could she help me accomplish my wildest dreams? Maybe I was getting ahead of myself, but there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. I signed up.

What does a life coach actually do? According to Heather, a life coach guides you towards an even greater expression of yourself—to give you that extra bit of support to get you to where you want to go. A life coach’s mission is to help you be your “authentic self”—which is a pretty cool job when you realize that the odds of being you are only 1 in 10^2,685,000 (that’s more the the total number of atoms making up the earth)!

Of course, not everyone *needs* a life coach, but if athletes use coaches to succeed in sports, then why not apply the same logic? After multiple sessions, have I ticked off my entire goals checklist? Nope (at least not yet). But I’m on my way thanks to Coach Heather’s game plan! Here are some takeaways so far:

1. Exhale positive vibes

Take a few minutes every day to generate #positivevibes and focus on what you are grateful for. It sounds wild, but your “energy field” is what creates your results—the energy you put out is the energy you attract.

2. Pin down your goals

You can’t crush em if you don’t know what you actually want to achieve. ID your deep desires. When do you want to get there? What will it take? The more specific, the better!

3. Courage = Action in spite of fear

Self-doubt, money, or some other perfectly good reason (err, excuse)… Overcome your fears and analysis paralysis to take the next step. That’s courage.

4. Just Ask

Ask and you shall receive—maybe not from the first person you ask, but maybe from the next person…or the next. Ask for the introduction. Ask for the date. Ask for that raise. No one can achieve great things alone (just remember to help others out along the way, too).

5. Trust your gut

We’re conditioned for certainty, but we live in a world full of magic (e.g., Beyoncé’s music) and miracles (e.g., Beyoncé’s twins). Trust your intuition—“don’t dig up your seeds to see if they are growing.” Hold on to your vision and don’t let today’s circumstances throw you off course.

6. You are your own definition of success

Don’t let the outside world define your success. There’s zero competition in being you. There is no other you!

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