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Skip Drinks & Do This Head-to-Toe Toning Workout with a Friend Instead

Joe Holder & Kirsty Godso (who you should follow on IG if you’re not already) demonstrate.

Skip Drinks & Do This Head-to-Toe Toning Workout with a Friend Instead
Alec Kugler
We won’t even pretend that getting ourselves to the gym multiple times a week is easy (especially if its in the morning). It’s not. But working out with a friend who motivates you makes it exponentially more enjoyable (at the very least itll make it that much more likely that youll make that 7:30 AM class). Just in case you needed proof, we third-wheeled on trainer (to every fashion person ever) and performance specialist Joe Holder of S10 Training, and Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso, during their partner workout so that we could replicate it at home.


“KG and I wanted to provide some moves that can be done with a partner in the gym and are good for strength, power development, help you get a good sweat, and are fun. We wanted to work multiple movement patterns as well as body parts to make sure you got a workout that didnt overwork any one particular area of the body,” says Holder.

Move #1

Push-up with Partner Tuck Jumps

Good for: Chest, arms, legs, and conditioning.

Partner #1: Begin in a push-up position on the ground, hands shoulder-width apart; your body should mimic a plank position. Lower down and perform a push-up. As you’re performing a push-up...

Partner #2: ...should begin standing to the right and behind your partner. Performing a tuck jump, jumping sideways and tucking your knees as you do, either jumping over the torso of your partner or behind them, depending on your skill level. Go at it for 30 seconds each and then switch. That is one round. Rest one minute. Go for 3-5 rounds!

Move #2

Plank Medball Passes

Good for: Abs and arms

You and your partner should begin in a plank position with a few feet of distance between each other. Using a medball of about 6-8 lbs, pass it back and forth to each other, keeping those abs tight and not letting your hips swivel as you go. Go for 30-60 seconds and then rest for 1 minute. Go for 3-5 rounds.

Move #3

Glute Bridge x Step-Up

Good for: Legs

Partner 1: Begin by facing a bench or a box and holding two dumbbells at your side. Make sure the bench is not too high, so your knee doesn’t raise above hip height when you step up. Place your right foot on the bench and then push up and forward, bringing your other leg up as you do. Return to start, and alternate sides.

Partner 2: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Find a mini band, if possible, to place just above your knees for an extra challenge. Perform a glute bridge, driving those hips up and forward, squeezing at the top.

Do this for 60 seconds and then switch. That is one round. Rest 1 minute. Perform 3-5 rounds.

Move #4

Band Sprint

Good for: Legs and cardio

Find a “body band” in your gym and place it around the hips of your workout partner. Pull on the band just slightly to provide slight resistance, but not enough to pull their hips back. The partner in the band should begin to run forward, focusing on high knees at a good tempo. Go for 30 seconds and then switch. Repeat for 5-10 rounds!

Move #5

Deadlift and Kettlebell Swing

Good for: Hips and legs

Partner #1: Dependent on equipment available, you can perform the deadlift with a hex bar (pictured), barbell, or dumbbells. Perform a deadlift by making sure to sit back and hinge at the hips. Keep your shoulders down and your back flat as you sit. Stand up strong as you squeeze your butt at the top. Repeat.

Partner #2: Standing with feet about shoulder-width apart, hold a kettlebell in both hands and down in front of you. Bend your knees slightly, and push your butt back as you hinge at your hips and bring the bell in between your legs as you swing back. Reverse direction, and bring the bell to eye level. Repeat.

Do each activity for 30 seconds and then switch. That is one round. Perform 5 rounds.

Move #6

Renegade Row x Ab Presses

Good for: Abs, chest, and back

Partner #1: Grab two dumbbells and lower yourself into a plank position, holding a dumbbell in each hand. “Row” the weight back, alternating between each side. Keep your hips square and don’t let them sink.

Partner #2: Begin on your back with two dumbbells in each hand. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and with your feet up in the air. As you press the dumbbells up, extend your legs forward and control from your abs. Don’t let your back arch off the ground, and then return back to start.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then switch. That is 1 round. Rest 60 seconds. Perform 5 rounds.

Move #7

Bus Driver x Medball Rotational Throws

Good for: Abs, arms, and cardio

Partner 1: Find a “land mine” or wedge a barbell in between two corners. Holding the barbell at the top end, keep your arms straight with a slight bend in the elbow. Perform a “bus driver,” rotating from left to right, making sure to pivot the opposite foot of the direction you’re going, and keep those abs tight.

Partner 2: While holding a 6-8 lb medball, stand parallel to a wall. Pivoting off your outside foot and using your core, rotate and throw the ball as hard as you can against the wall. Repeat.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. (Partner on medball should switch sides halfway through).

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