shop robes to lounge in during holidays

11 Robes to Live In Over the Holidays

Because pants are irrelevant when you’re on vacation.

Alec Kugler
I’m not sure about you, but from mid-December through January 1, I spend *a lot* of time on a couch—either mine or my sister’s or another family member’s—watching Home Alone, buying gifts online, and eating various holiday treats (I’m a big fan of those massive tubs of popcorn; the cheddar is delicious). Given that throughout much of the year I’m running around the city to meetings and appointments, often wearing dresses and heels, I implement a No Pants Unless Absolutely Necessary policy during the holiday, and live almost exclusively in robes. It is glorious! Especially given that there are some really chic robes out there (which is important if, like me, you still want to look nice while relaxing). Ahead, 11 robes to consider living in this holiday—including the stunner we designed with Fleur du Mal. Happy lounging!

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