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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

According to a Victoria’s Secret model, Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer, fashion editor, et al.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
We travel a lot. Like. A lot. But our friends, well, their frequent flier status rivals even ours. Tenfold. When your job pretty much requires you to jump between time zones every week—nay, day—keeping some semblance of a balanced lifestyle is hard in itself. So we’ve made it a habit of asking the editors, models, trainers, and all-around cool people we talk shop with in different area codes to feed us their nutrition, fitness, and wellness-packed pearls of wisdom. Herein, all the ways they make healthier choices, even when confronted with a candy-and-junk-food-packed airport stand and lackluster hotel gym.

Vanessa Packer

Lifestyle and Wellness Expert

“I always pack sneakers so I can run outside wherever I am. I love jumping into a yoga class on vacation or checking out the local studio scene. If I’m somewhere by the water, I love going on long swims. Whatever I can do to be outside is key because I spend so much time in the studio when I’m in New York.”

Tracy Anderson

Celebrity Mega-Trainer

“I know that I always have options while on the road. And while it might be slightly inconvenient sometimes, I don’t look at it that way. My son taught me to not look for the obstacles, but rather, to look for the opportunities. It’s fun to always find a way to show up for your health.”

Hanneli Mustaparta

Model and Photographer

“I was in Tokyo before Christmas and I really wanted to do Pilates, so I went to a local class in Japanese. It was so incredible because you see all these like-minded people. I did it in Dubai, too. I went running in Tokyo around a park on a Sunday and there [were] tons of families out with small kids—you get to see a local type of life, which I really enjoy when I travel.”

Nina Agdal


“Whenever I travel somewhere new, I like to go for a run around the city or find a local gym. It’s a great way to get to know a new place because everywhere has a different vibe about it.”

Dalton Wong

Performance Coach and Founder of Twenty Two Training

“When you’re traveling, there are some things that are hard to control—like sleeping patterns and time zones. You just can’t. But what you can control is how you fuel your body. So when my clients travel a lot, I get them to be focused on being much more diligent with their food and not worry so much about exercise. Because when you come back home, you can work on exercise, but what you can’t do is eat bad food and travel all the time, or drink a lot, because you’ll just burn out and you’ll get sick. So it’s picking one thing—for my clients that travel a lot I say, ‘Let’s just work on your eating and maybe not drinking so much,’ rather than saying, ‘You need to go to your hotel gym.’”

Andreja Pejic


“During Fashion Week I’ve been going a lot to Liquiteria [in New York], and I usually have a morning breakfast smoothie and a side parfait.”

Michele Promaulayko

Wellness Expert

“I pack workout clothes and try to figure out a few days when I can build in some activity, whether it’s working out in a hotel gym or going for a hike.”

Dawn Russell

Founder of 8G Supplements

“Once a year, I go away by myself for a few days to recharge my body...or race-car driving school to recharge my soul! Finally, I spend most of my time with my family. It feels like a treat, so I have to include it.”

Anna Kaiser

Founder of AKT

“I just discovered Moon Juice in California, and I love it! They have so many interesting ingredients and supplements that I’ve never seen before, and the girls that are behind the counter are so well-educated and informed about what everything does for you. They have everything, from crackers and nuts, and all their food is activated, which means it’s in its purest form. All the water they use in their juices or shakes or supplements is alkaline and oxygenated, which I’ve also not seen in other juice companies.

“I also love The Little Beet Table in New York. Really healthy, delicious food. They have a bar—some of these health restaurants in New York don’t necessarily have a bar or maybe they just have wine, but this is a full-service restaurant. You can go with your friends and eat healthy and not feel like you took them to a restaurant where they can’t drink or indulge the way that they want to.”

Vashtie Kola

Model & DJ

“I take alkaline water drops when I’m traveling because water tends to be very acidic. Bottled water is, because it goes through a crazy process in order to be clean. All of these chemicals are pumped through it, and it’s great because it’s clean, but at the end of the day you want your water to be alkaline. If I’m drinking from any tap, anywhere, I’ll put alkaline drops in. And Himalayan sea salt! I literally take packets of that with me and I’ll sprinkle it on things because table salt is not good for you. I have a pouch with all my little trinkets and things. It looks crazy.”

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